THE RUN-IN: April Association Football Thread

Happy April fools day to all my soccer friends

Winning the league

  • Liverpool
  • City

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  • Arsenal
  • Spurs
  • United
  • Manchester United

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  • Norwich
  • Watford
  • Burnley
  • Everton
  • Leeds
  • Brentford

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Champions of the universe

  • Fulham
  • Bournemouth

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Just come across this with work. Mo Salahs old gaff


Looks like where the murder happens in a skandi noir



Sorry. Just warming up after a couple of weeks off.


FA Cup semi final tickets go on sale at 11.

I’ve still got to decide what to do. My friend didn’t renew this season so he isn’t entitled to a ticket in the first few stages, if at all.
I don’t know if to just get my own ticket, enjoy it and hopefully get him one somewhere.
Or take my chances and wait for general release, and get two together, and if I fail just watch it on TV.

He could have bought a membership this week for £25 which would have guaranteed him a ticket, but he didn’t want to, which puts me in a predicament.

Bit annoying how the game tomorrow isnt on TV, especially after how the last couple have turned out with late drama

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Nice to get back to football

Ah go on then, sign me up for two months of absolute misery…


Buy it imo. You’ll regret it if you win and you’re not there.


Think I’m starting to get behind the @Parsefone sponsored liverpool title bid.

Straight back after internationals, no time to prepare. All of their good players have been to Africa, or South America, or played some tough playoff games.

Perfect time for a banana skin…

Oh they’ve got Watford. At home.
(Seriously are there 48 home league matches at anfield per season?)

Give me a couple of hours to put the finishing touches to my 12,000-word tome on how Liverpool are going to win everything and the billionaires i support are actually the smallest horse in a very skewed and unfair race which I don’t really care about anyway.


Made me think this


True, but for me football is the social aspect as well. You needed the pub before the game and a pint or two under Hodgson.


Arsenal were the last hope, hilariously. They’ve just been playing Watford at home for the past two months, and will continue to play Watford at home for the next two months.

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I’m going to Wembley.

I went for block 550, front row of the upper tier right on the half way line. I was going to treat myself to a lower tier on the half way line, but that was £80, and it’s more likely I’ll get my friend a seat on the upper tier, if at all.


Also, I remember a time when anything vaguely resembling a local derby would be played at like 10am on a Sunday at the behest of the rozzers.

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One for the national portrait gallery


That spot was on my regular running route in the unusual year of 2014 when I lived in Macc.

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All draws should be done at or before 1pm GMT. Not happy with this one little bit