The S the U the N the D-A-Y

Happy Sunday everyone

What are your plans? We’re having a barbecue later, and I might have a little bit of a run after signing up for a 3k on the adidas running app.

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Good morning! Thinking about which outdoors place to go today for a nice long walk. The weather is a little chilly but the air is so fresh, love how it is after rain.

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Starting to feel normal post covid so going to drive out to my favourite running place (damflask reservoir) and see how my legs are.

Then the test match, catching up on some work and maybe stealing this barbecue idea of yours


Morning all!

The weather in Glasgow is typically summery so we’re probably going to avoid going to the mela (even though it would be a lovely afternoon if it was sunny) and stay close to home. The Child (and me, actually) has a load of gift cards from her birthday so we might go and exchange some of them for goods and services.

I’m making a dish involving tuna (and basa) and mango for tea. The carb element has yet to be decided.

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Reckon I had no more than 2hrs sleep. Feeling really groggy, run down and potentially a bit covidy. Apparently visiting a park, coffee and a cake. Want to be asleep still ngl

13 degrees? Taps aff

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Morning :coffee:
Weather looks a bit iffy, could go either way.
Hopefully gonna go to a garden centre today, might push my luck and pull out the grief card and ask to go to my favourite place in the world, the retail park, for a browse of DFS and a drive thru happy meal.

I’ve popped out a little bowl of grapes and will put the coffee machine on in a bit, and then say “milk’s in the fridge, there’s crumpets on the side and if you do one for yourself do one for me as well, ta.” Such a good host


Sounds windy af

Off to ikea in a bit

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Can you see the pterodactyl hovering outside my bedroom.

Love the sun coming through the blinds, a nice breeze blowing over me as i lie in bed

Had a lovely start to the morning, going to make a chai now and have some toast. Cinema later, maybe a walk in Fletcher Moss gardens for some terrapin spotting, and if I’m going that way…well a visit to La Chouquette for a pastry, and some cheese from the cheese deli wouldn’t be a bad idea, would it :thinking:


Off to Outbreak.


Leaving for glamorous Surrey in an hour, should probably get out of bed.

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Might have a nice bath

In bed regretting staying up watch Macca and falling asleep on the sofa anyway.

Big walk
Bit of work
More Glasto telly


That’ll be freezing!

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Had a decent lie in this morning for the first time in weeks. Even the dog went along with it.

Gonna do a bit of gardening shortly. Just need to dig a bush out and stick a couple of new plants in - hopefully get it done before it rains.

Need to have a wander to Sainsbo/Marks’s to get something for dinner because Aldi didn’t have anything Sunday dinnery last night.

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Save it

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I’m having coffee and a banana


Turns out that it’s emergency services open day weekend. Fire Station Yesterday, Shoreham Lifeboat centre today, so we’re off there as soon as Jimbo can be persuaded to get dressed


This is my new avatar. Nice innit