The Sacking of Rome: The Weekly Football Thread


Couple of PL relegations should be more or less decided today and tomorrow, with Stoke, Southampton and West Brom all needing wins against various titans of the game in order to retain any realistic chance of avoiding the drop. This in particular, because Man City will do old fan favourite David Moyes a favour on Sunday by playing Ederson behind Jesus. Inter Juve is the big un on the continent.

I’m going to Burnley Brighton today. Don’t ask.

Cos Brentdan Is Anywhere: The Weekly Football Thread

Alright Big Billy Thread-locker


Hope Mourinho gouges him in the eye, that’ll show him


Sounds like Depor will probably (effectively) be relegated before they even play Barca tomorrow night. Can see it being a rout


Hoping for a repeat of the 1000th game pulverisation, personally.


Not anti bants, but can’t see Bournemouth winning today. Maybe a draw, which would pretty much relegate Southampton anyway. If Bournemouth relegate them with a win at St Mary’s it’s gonna kick off BiG tImE!1!1!


Yeah, Deportivo are gonna do em


Brentford need to win at and probably relegate Barnsley today, which is a bit annoying as I’d much rather they stay up and Birmingham get relegated, but there you go. reckon it’ll be a draw/Barnsley win though, rendering our final day match at home to Hull utterly pointless.

good to see we have a new fan on board though


AS IF football is still going on. Fucking 'ell. Wrap it the fuck up lads, finished a long long time ago now.


Didn’t realise how many shit teams Lambert had managed. Hope Liverpool get 8


Surprised Salah and firmino starting. Still, we do have klavan and Moreno in so that adds a wildcard element.


Fucking state of this title, @Parsefone




we always seem to play Barca around this time of year :thinking:

but yeah, third relegation in 7 years. depressing AF.


Off to The Valley for Charlton vs. Blackburn today as they’ve got a tribute to my grandad at HT. Quite funny as although he was a season ticket holder for a long time I reckon he hated Charlton more than anything else in his life. Haven’t watched much League 1 this year but should be a decent game and from a cursory glance looks like they can secure a play-off spot with a win…?

Swansea vs. Chelsea could be alright later too. Been a lot of “watch yer back Tottenham” chat from players/fans this week so we’re almost certainly losing.


That’s Henderson out of the World Cup


Right, I’m off to Turf Moor for the first time in my life. Can’t wait!





comes out of this looking like a right wet blanket doesn’t he