The Satanic Verses: 30 Years On

Did anyone watch this on BBC2 last night? It was pretty good. It would appear that the mere sight of the book still has the power to enrage after all this time.

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Has there ever been a smugger face than Rushdie?



Never read it, but I’ve always enjoyed the fact that Rushdie got super into Mario during his time in hiding.


His wife clearly has no idea how addictive Super Mario World is.

Read it a couple of times. Think it’s a really good novel, tbh.

The documentary was definitely interesting and plenty of similar sentiments to yours were expressed there for sure.

Sorry, one step too far?

I agree the book shouldn’t have been written

Rushdie has the right to write the book and people have the right to be offended. That should be as far as it goes. At the time, people who were offended wanted the book banned.

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wait also why does he have any blame to absolve himself of for others commiting murder? aren’t the people who committed the murder to blame?

  • Read it
  • Nah

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Read it maybe 8 years back. I barely remember the original controversy, bar something that was going on on the news at the time.

Devoid of any context, I think it’s… ok? Rushdie for me veers between good prose and utterly, utterly insufferable, and the Satanic Verses does that more than most of his ouevre. It’s kinda obvious even if you don’t have the context that the whole thing’s mostly a series of gotchas at various different real life/historical characters. Think Midnight’s Children is a lot better.

That’s what I’m asking sorry. It looked like you were saying the murders were going “one step too far”, but I was sure.

No, although i am broadly aware of the reasons why people were offended by it.

I think he’s simultaneously a very intelligent and thoughtless individual. I’m certain he knew about the level of blasphemy he was piling up into it, but he just saw that as making it edgy and ‘inspire conversations’ i.e. get him onto the TV and radio a lot.


so when you say ‘i don’t think the book should have been written’ all you really mean is ‘i don’t like it’

bit of a strange way of saying that.

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this is neither here nor there but salman rushdie is the one who invented “bubblelicious” for aero bars when he was a copywriter.