The Saturday choice

  • Saturday Kitchen, popping along to Dulcimer in Chorlton for a few, watching/keeping up with the football, end up pissed somewhere
  • Going to a shopping ‘mall’ like Westgate in Stratford, smelling things in Lush probably, people walking about and that, maybe have a coffee at M&S cafe

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These are the only two things anyone in the UK can do on a Saturday


Nothing to do with covid and crowds etc. but I’d dread the thought of going to somewhere like Westgate.


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I’ve gone for shopping centre despite much preferring the pub as hate Saturday kitchen more than anything. People cooking food and talking to some nobheads! Absolute Telly hell!

Getting up between 11-12, having a coffee and watching the office. Probably a takeaway later and waiting up for MOTD

Why not take a trip round Westgate on your VR headset? Nip into virtual Greggs for a virtual vegan sausage roll?


Could I take the Chorlton option but with ‘lightly buzzed’ instead of pissed?

Otherwise it’s two things that are going to give me a headache (hangover v the smell of Lush)

Always see Peter Barlow in Dulcimer

Actually I’ll do the pub one but I’ll be on the cokes after one or two



Still can’t get over this

How much fucking coke is he doing for it to be smattered all over the screen like that

Sat next to the laddest lads of all time.

Laughing about “shagging”
Got 12 beers each and on the way to the footie
Boasting about spending £450 on a night out
Loudly announcing how much ket and coke they can get their hands on
Referring to their pockets as sky rockets


Oh they’re got a bottle of Train Jaeger :beers: and now they’re facetiming the other lads on another train and chanting City to each other.

More updates to follow.

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Train Jaeger :grinning:


Singing an utterly vile football song, have got on to some racist shit too…and they’ve just revealed they’re in training to be police. Of course.


That male group mentality and behaviour is utterly vile.

Hate those arseholes.


I’ve been to a few but not many football matches in my life, maybe about 10.

Just can’t be bothered going again. One reason is my lack of interest in football anymore. The other is the arsehole male group behaviour. I’m a thin small Indian man and wouldn’t feel too safe near pricks like those.

The last match I went to was at White Hart Lane quite a few years ago and heard just the nastiest antisemitic chants. Fuck these guys.

Just a matter of interest. How many of those arseholes are there and what age roughly?

Just curious to the number of scum like that can form a group and behave like that.

Where i grew up prety much everyone was like this, i was so relieved to escape them when I moved but it really gets my back up when I’m around them. They’ve been singing about AIDS :rage: