The Saturday Thread

Morning everyone! I’m up so why not get it kicked off.

Slept like a baby - kicking a screaming all night, and I pissed and shat my self twice. So sleepy. Making a coffee and then smuggling watching 'toons.

No plans at all today. Fucking none. Feels frightening rather than liberating.

Hope you’re well.


Cat has been screaming at 6:13 every morning this week, but today she gave me a lie-in and left it until 6:23.

Feeling blessed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No plans for today, but got tickets for a comedy show tonight :clap:



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Was mega hungover this morning but somehow dealt with F.

Now she’s at a sleepover so we are relaxing. Phew.


Morning all!

The Child is having croissants for breakfast. I am aware that I could have croissants too but I’m trying to work out if my life will be better if I just let her eat the others tomorrow.

We’ve watched an hour of Astroboy (not very good) and have just started Despicable Me 2.

I’m bored already today and I haven’t even had breakfast.

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Just had coffee, got the first part of the latest Adam Curtis thing on but it might be a bit heavy for a Saturday morning.

A relative bought me some guitar strings to encourage me to start playing again for the first time in ages, so I’m about to restring the auld acoustic which has been sitting with three strings and gathering dust for a long time.

I’ve just remembered I had tickets to see Mogwai tonight too.

I bought the ticket during the first lockdown so I had something to forward to when things got back to normal.

Great plan.



Just having a lovely coffffee

No plans


Also coffee.

Going for a long walk today, my neck hurts from a bad nights sleep but ill slap a deep heat patch on it and enjoy my day, 16 degrees!! This makes me so happy :pleading_face:

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Had a horrible dream, still a bit shaken.

It’s a year today that I lost my uncle :pensive:

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


That reminds me, new Mogwai album. Gonna give that a listen today, probably give it a go either before or after Liverpool v Everton.

Lots of love to you Dingers xxx


No plans today, just going to watch Saturday Kitchen, read a book, watch football and eat nice stuff.

Weather is horrible but might drag kids for a wander later

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Alright. Had a lie in for the first time in months. Refreshed. Bacon, egg and avocado on toast for breakfast and a walk then it’s painting time

Had about 4 hours sleep. Disaster
#endtheday #disaster

I had fun and won the murder mystery I took part in last night. But I’m now a little hungover and have a headache. I didn’t even drink that much either.

Got 2 pallets worth of gardening products to process and price and find space for. Might run away over the fields.


Had 3 drinks and feeling a bit groggy. Hopefully shower and coffee will sort out