The Saturday Thread

Ah wait is this the lab snuggle thread too?


There’s definitely something nice about when someone else starts the daily thread. It’s like getting into work (pre-Covid) and seeing that someone else has unloaded the dishwasher :blush:


Park run then a full day of tennis like the big @shrewbie i am



Got to buy a suit and a shirt and some shoes today so I can go to a work event in them on Tuesday and I am not happy about it

Pub at 5, that’s about it. I will get up shortly


Run this morning, going to go shopping for a suit this afternoon, going to a friend’s this evening for takeaway and a film.

Hi. Had a dream featuring Nigella Lawson last night. Going to go for a nice walk then come back and clean the flat. Not sure about after that.



Going to see a friend later but they literally never let me get a word in so not sure this will solve the fact I’m feeling a bit lonely. Idk. Will save this for the ND thread :face_with_peeking_eye:

Had a dream i made friends with a small fox, 3 tiny white whales and a very cuddly sort of mini heron. All my dreams are basically about tiny animals that are my best friends or secret rooms in amazing houses. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hope you all have lovely days :heartpulse:


Change of plan: Wor Lass has managed to convince The Child that she’s too ill for drama (snotty nose which is a side effect of a house full of drying clothes) so she’s now hanging around the house all day, bored.

I’m swinging wildly between bemused and really fucking annoyed (it wouldn’t be an issue if she was actually ill) but nothing can be done now. I’d love to say I’ll be leaving her to solve the childcare problems but I absolutely know that they’ll be snapping at each other by early afternoon and it’ll be up to me to entertain her.

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On coffee #2 and starting to shake off Friday nights wine excesses.

The TV has gone on a day out with a bunch of colleagues so i will be ferrying the boy to football in a bit, then a dog walk, then the boy is off the a birthday party so i can watch some rugby. Might start cleaning my dads old record player up.

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Morning folks

Just had a mince pie for breakfast.

Need to go and get a bit of shopping and then we’re going out somewhere for lunch.

Out to watch the Wolves get hammered tonight unfortunately but at least I can have a few beers with the old man beforehand.

In Denmark, woke up early and went out for a dawn walk in the woods. Went to the shop, saw some wild ponies(?) and a number of good boys, and still back before anyone else in the house is up.


Just got a throughie at Tesco :blush:


Lying in bed watching the Simpsons :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please don’t forget to have a lovely time


I have my first ever Borrow my Doggy date today :melting_face:


At a radical book fair, barely awake and very much not ready for sincere discussion of political topics

But, nice to be out of the house


Strong start the morning, bit of book reading followed by a bacon and egg sandwich. Slow cooker is now on the go for a bolognese, might head out for a walk shortly and pick up some baking supplies.

Went and did the big shop at 8.30, absolute prime quiet-shopping time. Went to the fancy bakery on the way home and had the best sausage roll of my life. Got to go into work for an hour soon then it’s nothing but sitting down and eating I reckon.


Morning everyone :wave:

I’m on a train on my way to Newcastle for a few days! Very exciting.

Having a coffee and a pret sandwich for breakfast. I am a little worried M&S might have discontinued my favourite sandwich :see_no_evil: chicken and stuffing rip. @rich-t would you know if this is the case? :cry:

Think my eyebrows might be a bit big today :eyes: