The sausages in there are jank, bruv

Is what I heard some yoots say in Tezza yesterday lunchtime (in reference to the Tesco canteen). I don’t eat sausages so it doesn’t affect me.

In card game terminology, “jank” means a high variance and usually ineffective deck that works only very occasionally. Some people find this to be fun.

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My partner has started buying turkey sausages and then cutting them open and making meatballs out of the innards


This is irregular behaviour.


That man is on the toilet. This fact is referenced on the card.

It’s not my place to say

Well you can say that I am saying it.

It’s janky.

Why would I say that?

Remember Carsten Jancker

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Force her hand into a full on confrontation re. the turkey sausage meatball situ.

i had sausages in a big yorkshire pudding with mash and gravy in the Asda cafe the other day

the sausages were indeed jank

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Yes, wasn’t he part of the Junker elite?

Bought some reduced venison snags from speno’s at lunch.

I don’t mind it

I loaded up on HCB’s today and some Jalapeno giant corn.

Didn’t realise how many HxB’s we’ve got in the freezer. Been told not to buy any more :disappointed:

Does she know you can buy turkey mince?


Had a full english at Morrisons cafe the other day and the Sausages were very good I can report.