The SAY Award 2021


AiiTee – Love Don’t Fall

Andrew Wasylyk – Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation

Arab Strap – As Days Get Dark

Bemz – Saint of Lost Causes

Biffy Clyro – A Celebration of Endings

Carla J. Easton – WEIRDO

Erland Cooper – Landform (Feat. Marta Salogni)

Fergus McCreadie – Cairn

Jenny Sturgeon – The Living Mountain

Joesef – Does It Make You Feel Good?

Kübler Ross – Kübler Ross

Lizzie Reid – Cubicle

Matt Carmichael – Where Will the River Flow

Mogwai – As The Love Continues

Paul Towndrow – Deepening The River

Rachel Newton – To The Awe

Stanley Odd – STAY ODD

TAAHLIAH – Angelica

The Ninth Wave – Happy Days!

The Snuts – W.L.

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Embarrassed by how few of these I’ve heard (or even heard of…)

The Carla J Easton one is good. Enjoyed the Lizzie Reid one as well, although I had no idea she was Scottish.

Saaaay whaaaat?

Looking forward to exploring some of these. Aiden O’Rourke should have been on there with Iorram.

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Would like to see Andrew Wasylyk or Erland Cooper win it.

Two horse race surely Mogwai v Arab Strap

Nah, it’s often gone to unexpected or less obvious ones.

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Heard Mogwai and Arab Strap obv, heard of Carla J Easton and The Snuts but haven’t heard them, the rest are all new to me

Lizzie Reid is good.