The Scary Door 2018

It’s already the 10th of October and there’s no Scary Door thread on page one… any chance we can get a few posts going? One of my favourite most time-consuming portals on the old forum.

have a look at some of the opinions in that Gay Cakes thread



I’d forgotten all about Scary Door - I’ve lurked pretty hard in those old threads

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This is pretty chilling stuff. Long read but well worth it.

Wiki article on the case:

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The guy on the right’s “Oh fuck I’ve joined the Smashing Pumpkins” face still gets me! :smiley:

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I think he looks like a result of someone using photoshop to blend a young John Cusack with Matt Lucas.

I’m seeing double! Four Matt Lucases?

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A few weeks ago I was on a long train from Seattle to California - spent a few hours in the company of a lady in her 50s who was the grand daughter of a serial killer victim. The guy had married about 50 wives in the space of two years then murdere half of them. She even showed me the stretch of water that her body had been dumped in (from the train window) and told me she was writing a book about it. This thread has prompted me to try to find the details on the internet and I can find no mention whatsoever which seems a bit odd considering. I’m now wondering if she was either deranged or a ghost.



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I know I’m a fine one yo talk but JFC that Washington Post article is riddled with typos.