The Scottish Politics and Independence Thread 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Just making this thread in case Sturgeon’s big speech at the mo is going to announce a new ref, then soak up the sweet, sweet replies.


If get another chance scotland, don’t get it wrong this time


Would probably move to Scotland if they go tbf.


you’re coming up anyway for the meat :wink:


Is she going to do it? This is tense!

Yep, it’s on.

it’s happening

“I will now take the steps necessary to make sure Scotland will have a choice between a hard Brexit and independence”

Don’t worry guys, this thread is available for all your #indyref2 needs.

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What do we reckon then - September 2019?

Autumn 2018 according to my sources.

It’s no kind of choice is it. I’m sad that we won’t get the chance to work out a federal structure for the UK that would benefit everyone but I really do hope Scotland get away this time, even if it screws those of us left behind.

May will allow Scotland to have IndyRef2 (ASSUMING there’s a majority in Holyrood for it) before the end of the Article 50 negotiations? Cannot see that happening.

Sometime between Autumn ´18 & spring ´19 I reckon

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I’m just passing on what I hear.

As I understand it, there’s nothing to stop Holyrood holding a referendum whenever they like. There’s also nothing to force Westminster to honour the result of any such referendum either.

Could get quite messy.

Oh it’ll get messy whatever. Very messy.

Scotland v rUK II will be a fascinating duel. Economic case for independence seems significantly weaker - cultural/political case much stronger. WHO WINS?

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can imagine the uk government deciding to ignore a referendum result going over really well

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Sturgeon is saying that Scotland has to have their IndyRefII when they know the terms of the Brexit deal (if there is one) so that their choices/alternatives are clear