The Scottish Politics and Independence Thread 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

State of that pair.

MSP + MP endorsements roundup.

For Humza Yousaf - 54

John Swinney MSP

Shona Robison MSP

Angus Robertson MSP

Shirley-Anne Sommerville MSP

Michael Matheson MSP

Elena Whitham MSP

Kevin Stewart MSP

Màiri McAllan MSP

Ben Macpherson MSP

Christina McKelvie MSP

Neil Gray MSP

Jenny Gilruth MSP

Jamie Hepburn MSP

Mairi Gougeon MSP

Maree Todd MSP

Tom Arthur MSP

Alasdair Allan MSP

Karen Adam MSP

Graeme Dey MSP

Clare Adamson MSP

Bob Doris MSP

Natalie Don MSP

James Dornan MSP

Jackie Dunbar MSP

Joe FitzPatrick MSP

Emma Harper MSP

Paul McLennan MSP

Marie McNair MSP

Jenni Minto MSP

Audrey Nicoll MSP

Emma Roddick MSP

Collette Stevenson MSP

Kaukab Stewar MSP

Evelyn Tweed MSP

Stephen Flynn MP

Mhairi Black MP

Ian Blackford MP

Hannah Bardell MP

Kirsty Blackman MP

Deidre Brock MP

Amy Callaghan MP

Angela Crawley MP

Martin Docherty-Hughes MP

Stewart Hosie MP

Chris Law MP

Stuart McDonald MP

Anne McLaughlin MP

Anum Qaisar MP

Tommy Sheppard MP

Chris Stephens MP

Alison Thewliss MP

Owen Thompson MP

Richard Thomson MP

Pete Wishart MP

For Kate Forbes - 14

Ivan McKee MSP

Siobhian Brown MSP

Colin Beattie MSP

Annabelle Ewing MSP

Fergus Ewing MSP

Christine Grahame MSP

Jim Fairlie MSP

Ruth Maguire MSP

Fulton MacGregor MSP

Michelle Thomson MSP

David Torrance MSP

Carol Monaghan MP

Douglas Chapman MP

Angus MacNeil MP

Ash Regan - 1

Joanna Cherry MP

Voting has opened!

Dis SNP members’ first preference. Anon.
  • Forbes
  • Yousaf
  • Regan

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DiS SNP members’ only expectation. Anon.
  • Forbes
  • Regan
  • Yousaf

0 voters

DiS All users’ first preference. Anon.
  • Forbes
  • Regan
  • Yousaf

0 voters

DiS All users’ expectation. Anon.
  • Forbes
  • Regan
  • Yousaf

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i voted and you’ll never guess who for

Yeah. And I didn’t put a second preference. Cos no thanks.

same. wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do, but i couldn’t vote for anyone else.

real cross roads for the membership, isn’t it. Kinda feel Nic’s made a bad decision here, leaving the party in a bit of a fizzle. still love her though

‘Vote till you boke’, as they say. Don’t wanna offer any personal legitimacy to either.

Looking back, I have to remind myself that despite being somewhat known, Sturgeon was still relatively new on the scene when she became leader (relative to now), and grew into it immensely as time passed.

I reckon there’s the potential for Yousaf to do similarly. Not in the same was as Surgeon, and perhaps not to the same degree, but I don’t fall for the social media slagging he gets about being be a fuckup. Show me any politician who’s been in the kind of roles he’s been in and hasn’t picked up detractors or made errors along the way. Which is not to overlook some of the genuine faults that do exist with him. I guess the summary is that he’s saying pretty much the right things and has the potential to continue on that course.

The other two are non-starters for me. Just pointed totally in the wrong direction. Not interested. Seen to much of them already.

But yeah, there probably could’ve been a little more succession planning from Sturgeon.

Kinda surprised she’s not lost her rag and just outright declared for Yousaf. Swinney has. On the other hand, it’s surely abundantly obvious to anyone who’s wondering, and who might be influenced by her preference, as to who she’s aligned with. And not declaring puts a stop to a load of outsider/conspiracy stuff that Forbes or Regan might try to leverage were Sturgeon to formally state a preference.


what do you think she could/should have done differently? because I do feel the same, but also if she’s heading out at such short notice because it’s just become too much and she’s just tired … not sure what else we can expect of someone in that position to carry on for months more etc to give the party time

and if she mentioned it internally well in advance to offer prep time, you know it would have got out to the press quick sharp

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i know yeah, you’re right. i just think that within the leadership and the cabinet there could’ve been more forward planning, secretly, like “forbes can’t run but could be depute under humza” kinda thing.

i happily agree with her choice to step down. respect it deeply, actually.


Agree with you though, it still feels like soemthing wasn’t done right

Maybe it’s not how she left then, just a sign of some big holes in the party that have built over time and are just coming into view now, which before were papered over by how good she is


this is the problem with a catch all ideological party set up, as in “vote for us for indy” which will bring in everyone under a single issue. it’s why there’s so many outspoken terfs in the SNP, in that they think it’s their party and assume that those in the party will agree with them on other issues. that works in both directions btw, just that the fash that are in the party are scum…


another aspect though is that for all it’s an ideological party and surely everyone in it wants independence … they’re also the ruling party, with power and influence. That’s going to attract a different sort of indy-politician than would have wanted to join the SNP in its infancy, maybe one where the centre (left?) hegemony is higher up their personal priority list than indy is

not saying its a good or bad thing either, just that they now (or have for ages) have a weird combo of single issue focus alongside wider power/responsibility. I guess not far from things happening with the Greens too (UK-wide), in their journey from a one-note outsider party to one who is regularly in the mix and a genuine option for many voters


Finally watched one of the debates.

Humza was actually alright and definitely is more pegged to the progressive values that, i thought/hoped, the party stood for.


This pish just seems designed to encourage conspiracy theories on how the process was “rigged” when Humza hopefully wins.

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Notably signed by just Regan ha

The National are reporting it “has the backing of Kate Forbes campaign team” too.

All beautifully set up for some trump style denoucement of a legitimate result.

Quite the gambit:

“The party i am a member of and want to be leader of can’t be trusted as they are corrupt. Can i be leader now, please?”


Can someone explain wth is currently going on in the SNP


The broad church of independence has meant that a load of fash are in the party and have been quietened and partly tolerated the SNP’s programme of progressive moves by the ideological need to get Indy. With Nic going they now see this as a chance to “regain” control of Indy, but also being able to Change the governance and politics of the party, and shift it more to the right.

It also appears to have exposed the drop in members that, I think, the party were hiding. Like most parties do I think.


It is a bad look and almost certainly has caused a huge backwards step in both the electoral power of the SNP and the cause for independence.