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Didn’t really expect to see action taken on this, to be honest.


A good overview of progress on active travel commitments.

Seemingly a good reversal of the trend for centralisation here.

Might be a boost for transport projects like the Clyde Metro, too, if there’s a more collective region-based network approach, rather than a primarily localised city-centric focus.

‘The Scottish Government today announced a transfer of authority over the Clyde Mission regeneration programme, previously a Scottish Govt run project, to Glasgow City Region.’

‘The transfer itself is mildly significant but niche news, but the more interesting development is buried further down the announcement:’

“The migration, from the Scottish Government administering the project, takes place as talks with local leaders are to begin on formally recognising the eight local authorities as a ’metro-region’ – to help drive growth, create more jobs and deliver benefits to communities.

Migration of Clyde Mission to Glasgow City Region

‘A problem often discussed on this sub and elsewhere is the relative lack of power GCC has, a lot of which stems from the fact much of the real metro-area of the city (and its council tax receipts) are outside the city boundary. This seems to hint at a new regional body and devolution of powers being created for Glasgow, which would only be good news.’

And the first comment:

‘Strathclyde Regional Council 2: Municipal Boogaloo’


Via r/glasgow.


Fingers crossed this proves to be the step in the right direction that it ought to be.


Almost eight years after the first hearing, the Edinburgh trams inquiry has been published!!!

A long-delayed inquiry into the Edinburgh trams scandal has found “a litany of avoidable failures” blamed on the city council, the company set up to deliver the troubled project and Scottish ministers.


I’m sure there are some useful recommendations in there, but also blaming it on the principle actors involved is a bit… “well, yes?”

Anyway good response from the Leader anyway

Leader of Edinburgh City Council, Cammy Day, said “it’s clear that serious mistakes were made” which had a “significant impact on the city”.

He added: "There’s no getting away from the fact that the original project caused a great deal of disruption to residents and businesses, as well as damaging the city’s reputation and on behalf of the council, I want to apologise for this.

I won’t, however, apologise for building a tram system, or for our ambition to develop it further.

“After all, creating a better connected, environmentally friendly transport system is essential for a modern, successful city and we need to transform the way people move around if we are to achieve our net zero goals.”

Very very important to remember that people like having nice things like modern and efficient and pleasant public transport and rarely care about stuff like this once it is in place and functioning and materially improving their lives. See also: Crossrail.


Well there’s a blast from the past.

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This the exact pr quote I out out anytime I’m demolishing half a city to build more platforms in OpenTTD


Should have said ‘tramsform the way people move around’