The Second Evening Thread of the Decade

I think

Quite fucking rich of the beeb having a moan that the railways and hospitals are broken, why the fuck did you literally provide the conditions for it then you parasites

I need to use up some sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber and etc tonight


Oh you guys like polls don’t you

  • The railways will continue getting worse and nobody will know of any way they can possibly be made better
  • Everyone will just cycle 40+ miles

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Doing a bit of a house clean

Having a warm-up pizza tonight (M&S, vegan) in preparation for tomorrow’s standard takeaway pizza.


Alright. Done a food shop. Bought loads of muesli cause it was on offer

I uhhh, I’m drinking beer again though


Back in work tomorrow, absolute piss take if you ask me


How so?

I wish I’d gone to work today. Dreading Monday now.

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good evening ruffman et al. having a bit of pasta for tea in a bit and just downloading some classic survival horror. gonna be a quite the night at casa del eric i reckon. got about 1k steps left to get up to 10k so might go out for a wander to the shop in a bit…

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starting back on a friday? are they quite mad?

no radiohead jokes


I work for redacted flower ordering service atm and it’s been wonderful how many florists just fucked off at random points over the holidays without telling any fucker

amnesia eternal darkness?

Made a potato, green bean and mushroom curry for tea, very nice it is too. Gonna stick to our resolution to spend more time with the TV off and read tonight I think.


Like a pig, tied to a stick, on antidepressants or something.

I took today off cos yolo, was gonna take tomorrow off but can’t because colyloiot (capitalism only lets you live on its terms)

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forbidden siren. tried playing it once before but actually found it too scary to play :grimacing: plucking up the courage to try again.

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Would love to play the one on the Nintendo Whatever where the screen on your controller is the camera

National computer system went down today, feel like drinking four billion (4,000,000,000) pints (568ml) of stout (Beamish).

Will just have quiche and play a Star War instead.

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Got veggie cottage pie for tea. Ready in a sec. Then wandering to the pub in a bit to meet the mate I was meant to meet yesterday but I read the message wrong. Hope I’m back for that rubbish Dracula programme. May have a swift G&T before I leave.

So you have a 1 day week that will assuage any back-to-work-after-break dread that you may have otherwise had at the weekend and people will most likely be in a good mood cos its Friday :blush:
Sounds pretty ideal to me!