The Second Wednesday of August 2023 Thread

Morning all.
Couldn’t see a Wednesday thread so doing the do.

Feeling really exhausted (working all weekend on record label stuff hasn’t help energy levels) but it seems to have stopped raining for first time in weeks.

Woken up to this tweet blowing up on Twitter and not with people being awful (yet).

Might air fry some Aubergine with paprika for lunch.


Good morning everyone :wave:

Bit nervous today because I am interviewing somebody applying for a job at our work. Imagine going for a job interview and it’s me interviewing you! The idea seems very silly. I hope the interviewee feels relaxed and able to display their best self and thinks I’m nice.

Hope u all have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure you’ll be brilliant and they’ll be far more nervous than you. Focus on putting them at ease which should also hopefully help you feel calmer. I found when I’ve done them saying how long you have and what will happen, and that they can pause or ask for clarification, really helped (and also helped work out who was an arrogant over confident interviewee and who was thoughtful, kind and capable)

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Good tweet that.

Still havent been paid by the festival :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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Been gym
Run after work
Pizza and beers
Gig tonight

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Gonna have a PRODUCTIVE day cos otherwise I’ll be STRESSED and annoyed at myself. Just you watch me

Usual BS otherwise. Coffee, work, game, read, attempt to make plans for rest of month

Godspeed x

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In the office today. My other half has gone away for a few days with my sat nav, so I dug out my ancient one and plugged it in at home, and it fired up, which was encouraging. Then this morning it didn’t work, which I’ve figured out is the cradle for it - which is probably why I replaced it in the first place. Good job I haven’t got a three hour drive tomorrow to somewhere I’ve never been to before!

(it seems to work if I plug it in directly without the cradle, so I could probably attach it somehow. I’ll just have to get inventive with the gaffa tape later)

Morning all!

I went to bed far too late last night and have woken up with sore legs after playing two games of football in two days.

It’s my last day of summer vacation.

I had foolishly made plans to paint the fence in the garden but I’m hugely struggling to muster the required CBA. I might do other productive admin instead, before playing computer games. We’re going out for burgers tonight and I’m very excited.

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Work today at a country park on the coast


empire biscuit for breakfast though, that’s nice


Can’t shake the feeling that Winter is indeed coming, Neds.
The sighing skeleton on your shoulder when we didn’t get any sun in the first place.

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First day of six days of leave, hurrah!

Got a v stressful 4pm meeting to look forward to, got a 275 mile drive to get done before that, and got a sick child to get into said transport . Triple boo!

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Big biscuit or small plate?

There should be a Greggs on trains imo.


Both Is Good The Road To El Dorado GIF


Shit nights sleep because the fire/heat alarm in the kitchen has decided to beep every 30 seconds and I can’t manage to get into it. Plus I had to get up early because of an early shift. Am TIRED.

But i’m seeing R.A.P. Ferreira tonight. Silver linings.


Don’t you just use your phone these days?

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Went to see Oppenheimer last night - never need to see Cillian Murphy’s big panoramic face ever again. Didn’t fall asleep though which usually happens when I go see CN films in the cinema

Going to try and get to yoga after work as I was too lazy on Monday

Working is such a drudge isn’t it.

No. Maybe I should switch over, but I like the bigger screen, I’m paranoid about burning through my phone data, and the Tomtom always seems to be ahead of google in reporting traffic jams and speed cameras. The hire car we had in Portugal earlier this year had Apple Carplay, so maybe I should try and look up how to get that in my car (and what tarrifs O2 off where I’d have enough data to not worry about using it up)

So, I’m currently paying £24 a month for 10GB of data. It looks like I could pay £23 a month and get 150GB! (which might even be doubled up because we have Virgin broadband)