The second

Some categories just have such an obvious answer but who/what is the second?

Let’s senjoy ourselves by suggesting categories and then people can answer the second.

So Paul Weller is mod no1. Who is 2?

(no Theo jokes please)

Preston from the ordinary boys


The Who

Buzz aldrin


Fucking hell mate

DingDong is of course correct.

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Sorry if second is a bit better.

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It’s that fucking chirpy hairdresser guy, isn’t it?

Category: HSBC executive

I’m a big fan of Henri de Castries.


Yes, sorry, bit obvious this one.

Soul Brother Number Two = Marvin Gaye, probably

Who is number one? James Brown, Sam Cooke, Otis?

Martin Freeman.

fatboy slim


Won’t be happy if this album misled me

Public Enemy no. 2???

Well I’ll let him have it then

The Boss but who’s his deputy?