The Secrets of Stonehenge or "Things That For Some Reason You Don't Find As Fascinating As You Might"

You know about how Stonehenge and it’s mysterious history is dead interesting and that? You ever think “You know what, I don’t really care that much about The Secrets of Stonehenge, it’s just not that fascinating to me”?

This is a thread to talk about things like that

I really, really hate gangster stuff. Like Ronnie and reggie Kray, who gives a shit

Space. “Ooh we’ve got a telescope that can show you pictures of a universe that imploded twelvety billion years ago”. Bore off, nerds.

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There was a very good programme about Stonehenge on BBC4 a few Mondays ago.

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Broadly speaking, would you say you are opposed to the idea of “honour among thieves”?

feels like it should be more interesting than it actually is. like, on the surface it is quite wondrous but they always want to ruin it by bringing maths into it don’t they. fucking nerds and their maths

This sums my feelings on space up perfectly

“Oooh how did it get there, what does it mean?”
Some early lads had too much mead one night and tried to make some goals to play football, that’s what happened.


BBC4 is absolutely superb for things that are, genuinely fascinating, but that you’d never actually bother to learn about eh

I absolutely love BBC4

Aye, me too (but in a way that I’m glad that it’s there rather than ever actually watching it)

The technical aspect of music. “Oh listen to this bit where he uses a diminished fifth in the bridge and how the chorus shifts keys”
Couldn’t give a hoot pal, does it make me want to turn it up or off, that’s what I’m interested in.