The Self-Isolating/Quarantine Diary Thread

Sadly as time goes on more and more people will need to self-isolate and/or quarantine in the coming weeks/months and thing it’s probably good to talk about what you’re doing/sharing ideas/or venting your frustration or just sharing your experience as a whole (good, indifferent, bad)

Day 3/14

I know I feel I have an overwhelming desire to update people on how I’m coping/struggling at the moment. I feel like crap, not so much in the ill sense (thought its not helping obviously) but I feel like I’m doomed to spend the majority of the 14 days doing nothing. Confined to 2 rooms with limited facilities for the sake of my housemates I am slowly but surely realising this isn’t going to be ample oppurtunity to ‘unwind’ and spend much needed ‘me time’ to reflect on life. Instead I feel imprisoned, lack the motivation to leave bed (whats the point, all I can do is walk to my desk - is often a thought I have) and every little thing wrong or lacking in my room is screaming at me from the top of the lungs. Currently very restless.

I usually enjoy spending time indoors, alone, playing video games and listening to music but at the moment haven’t the desire to do either. I dont want to watch anything either, just not in the mood, I want to socialise and I fear this is going to get worse as I get further and further away from my last point of contact with a human.

I played Overwatch last night with friends online, the voice chat helped a lot, but it’s not enough. Against my better judgement, on account of being ill with what is likely Covid-19, I decided to drink alcohol to help kill the feeling of the mundane… it helped at the time but predictably isn’t treating me so kindly today.

Symptoms are waning though the cough remains persistent and deep breaths are harder than they were 2 days ago (despite feeling less ill) hopefully once the bug starts to pass and I have more energy, optimism and less of that ‘crap’ feeling you get from being unwell I’ll be able to engage in more of my interests at home but at the moments I’m just an indecisive mess with very few options open to me.

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sorry this sounds like a massive struggle, I’ve taken to walking around my house for a bit with a podcast on as I am not going outside either, granted I am not ill atm

That sounds hard. Be kind to yourself. Have you any friends/family you can call to chat to?

I do… but I really hate talking on phones and find it hard to call anyone ‘without a topic at hand that is relevant to the person’ as I’m constantly self-conscious that I’ll ring and have nothing to say and be stuck in this weird purgatory with the person on the otherside of the line then feel like an idiot.

I can be a bit like that. But if I’ve been feeling low, I tend to appreciate it while actually on the phone call and feel a bit brighter afterwards. It’s never as bad as might be anticipated. If the person at the other end of the line is a nice person, they’re v. unlikely to think you’re an idiot! I have to remind myself of this a lot in regards to my brain’s unhelpful thoughts.If the conversation is awkward at all, it doesn’t really matter in the long run - it’s just a moment.

On one plus side I’ve identified that my beer fridge is basically an EMP (i brought it out of retirment so I can store fresh food in my room as I quarantine)

So yesterday I was getting VERY ANNOYED that my USB devices would intermittently cut out and most importantly this included my USB Headphone AMP/DAC and I was about ready to throw a fit and stomp about. I realised this morning whilst laying in bed that it was happening to my mouse and keyboard whenever the fridge powered off. Fortunately I found an outlet in my room which is on a different line thus the EMP interference on the line my PC is on is removed and all is hunky dory once more… I just hope I’m not intermittently destroying the TV downstairs now.