The Self Service Checkout Awards 2021

I’m intimidated just reading this.

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Was it sainsos that had ant and dec plugging one of their awful shows for ages? Just a properly dystopian experience.

You paying for your carrier bags?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I mean to, but if I hit “none” out of habit when I’ve actually taken a new one, I’m just going with it. They get their money out of me in other ways, besides, I’m a fucking MAVERICK

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Alan Carr, yes please.

the waitrose ones require the bare minimum of fucking around and also are the best for adding a few custom buy one get one free deals, so them.

m&s. Part of the Britain’s got talent sponsorship shite

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  • Take my own bags.
  • Fuck the planet, and especially fuck Attenborough

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aldi loses points for when your contactless gets declined because you’ve used it ten times in a row or whatever it asks for a helper to come and reset it instead of just letting you try it contactfull

I’ve voted Coop but it’s not the same Coop :rotating_light:

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It’s decathlon by a million miles

Haven’t used one for over a year though!


why not both

Nobody will own up if you’ve worded it like this

depends how far it is. if I go to the Sainsbos across the road, take my own bag. If I’m off for a walk and combining with a shop trip, nah

Definitely. Absolute witchcraft those things

How does it know which trainers I’ve throw in to it’s magic bucket? How?


I put my bags in a rucksack/tote if I’m out for a walk and shop

I always try and take a bag, but occasionally find myself in a shop on a whim, or buy more than will fit in the one bag I’ve brought with me.

decathlon self service belongs in 3021


Attenborough will be spinning in his grave

I recently went shopping with my own bags folded and tucked into my armpit and forgot all about them when I got to the till.

Used to like it in france where they would shut the self service if the shop was too busy. Because…