The Shiiiine On Weekender

Has there been a thread about this yet? I mean, I’m not going, but there’s a certain part of me that would probably quite enjoy a weekend of middleweight Britpop nostalgia. Under-30s, feel free to mock.

They booked The Telescopes last year, presumably without knowing what The Telescopes sound like now

hey im over 30 and id like to mock you as well


you old, old cunts

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Don’t know how Shed Seven have managed to headline above The Bluetones tbh

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I went to this last year:

It was…ok. There’s a limit to how much nostalgia I can take in one hit I think.

That said, the Friday top billing looks decent, and Echo & The Bunnymen, The Wonderstuff and House Of Love are at least all still producing new stuff. Not that much would get an airing or be welcome at a gig like this I imagine.

Who the fuck are The Sex Pissed Dolls?


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Not happy about the Farm being higher up on the bill than Jesus Jones either.

In conversation: Terry Christian


Pool Party: Goldie Lookin’ Chain

Unless they were expecting them to play Everso 10 times in a row, I’m not sure they would ever have been a shrewd booking for this kind of caper tbh tbf…

Enjoy your November pool party with Goldie Lookin’ Chain in Butlins.

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It’s the “BEZ (Legend)” bit that’s got me :smiley:


Poor old Ash shouldn’t have to be doing this. :cry:


I would really enjoy about half of this, and loathe the other half. Things I would like to see: Bentley Rhythm Ace, matey bloke from the Propellerheads, The Bluetones, Black Grape (if they can be as good as they were at their best), Ash, Cud, The Electric Soft Parade, and a fair few others. I always had a soft spot for Dodgy too, and their new album is good. There’s a lot of extremely makeweight indie in there, though, particularly at the headline end.

I’d bloody love that. I am not kidding.

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That second post of mine was meant to be in response to the bit about the pool party.

Yeah, it worked

I see! It’s not so clear on a mobile browser.

Why is this festival called Ne Son and why is its logo three amputee stick figures being eaten by a mantis monster