The Shiiiine On Weekender

So this is what (50% of) the propellerheads are doing now :frowning:

Is it a Menswear reference?

What on earth are Ash doing this for

What is The Cureheads? Actually I don’t think I want to know.

Yep, I never saw Ash as a Britpop band

This is actually a really impressive lineup if you’re into 90s indie stuff, no? It’s all mid-tier stuff but there’s a fuckload of ‘name’ bands there.

Like others, I’m a bit shocked Ash are doing this kind of thing but it’s probably easy money.

I’m seeing Black Grape at a Black Grape gig in Liverpool in November. I hope they’re fine.

Yep, agreed. It’s like Shine Four: Live. (Hence the name, I guess)

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I saw Black Grape earlier this year.

However high your hopes are, I would strongly recommend you lower them…

‘F*cking awful’ would be a generous review of that show.

Imagine seeing a Black Grape show on 2016

I wish people here would stop saying things like that.

It’s not nice. It really isn’t nice.

It’s not really “my night”. My brother loves them and I bought him tickets for his birthday. I’m going with him.

Then I genuinely hope your brother (and you) have a good night.

I daresay if you were in the ‘right frame of mind’ then it might be brilliant, but I was just giving a bit of forewarning that it might not be…

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Imagine belittling someone else’s choice of gig, on a music forum, like a twat, in 2016.



I’m still under 30 (just) and I think it looks great.

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I saw Black Grape three times. The first two were fantastic. The third was towards the end, and Shaun was in such a bad way that it was embarrassing to watch. The band eventually all gave up, mid song,

Is anyone considering going this year ?

and did anyone go last year ?

Where old bands go to die. Looks like a nightmare to me, but good luck to anybody who wants to go.

I am old and want to relive my youth without any kids for the weekend. Should be perfect.