The Shinning

Ever shinned up (or indeed down) a drainpipe?

I’ve never shinned up (or indeed down) anything in my life.

No but that’s how some burglars got into our flat last year

The Exorcyst

Guess those guys were shinners rather than saints!

(sorry to hear that, hope it wasn’t too bad)

I was always really good at climbing the rope at school

I remember they used it to measure “strength” as part of our PE rating for our school report - which meant skinny me was “very strong” whilst bigger boys who could have crushed me like a bug were branded “not strong at all” or something

It was mild enough that I can still enjoy that pun, don’t worry.

(They stole my work laptop, which was - no lie - three days away from retirement. Got some mileage from that.)

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