The Shins


New song:


can’t say i’ve enjoyed this


Remember this


Well that was shit.


I didn’t even make it to the chorus. Assuming there is a chorus, of course


Not bad, not particuarly good either. Just meh.


I don’t care

I like it.


Oooft, no thank you


Oh, Inverted World and Chutes Too narrow were great. The rest… not so much.

Also, saw them live around Wincing the Night Away. Shit.


I really liked wincing, not as much as the first two but still. Saw them after Port of Morrow, completely phoned it in, album was arse too


They bored me rigid* at End of the Road this year.

Loved Oh Inverted World. These days they couldn’t be less essential.

*probably more flaccid now I think of it.


Yeah why not.


I’m listening to Port of Morrow right now. It’s better than I remember.


Can’t listen to this at work BUT port of morrow is my fave album of theirs now. He’s giving Neil Finn a run for his money IMO (ya I’m not very cool).

Shite live though.


Really like Wincing The Night Away and a few songs off the others. New one not tickling me, same old thing innit


Never really got Oh Inverted World, seemed a bit dreary. Will give it another shot.

Chutes Too Narrow was great though.


Sounds like a particularly shit, slowed down, coral studio jam.


Sounds like a conscious move back to a Chutes-y sound, but with the psych-y wooshing of Inverted World.

To be honest I quite like it compared to the over-polished sound of Port of Morrow. Plus if the album has more songs like the one from Wish I Was Here I’ll be pretty hyped.


The Shins can definitely lay claim to having great opening tracks, all brilliant.

Sleeping Lessons an absolute gem


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