The Shins

New song:

can’t say i’ve enjoyed this

Remember this

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Well that was shit.

I didn’t even make it to the chorus. Assuming there is a chorus, of course

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Not bad, not particuarly good either. Just meh.

Oooft, no thank you

Oh, Inverted World and Chutes Too narrow were great. The rest… not so much.

Also, saw them live around Wincing the Night Away. Shit.


I really liked wincing, not as much as the first two but still. Saw them after Port of Morrow, completely phoned it in, album was arse too

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They bored me rigid* at End of the Road this year.

Loved Oh Inverted World. These days they couldn’t be less essential.

*probably more flaccid now I think of it.

Yeah why not.

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I’m listening to Port of Morrow right now. It’s better than I remember.

Can’t listen to this at work BUT port of morrow is my fave album of theirs now. He’s giving Neil Finn a run for his money IMO (ya I’m not very cool).

Shite live though.

Really like Wincing The Night Away and a few songs off the others. New one not tickling me, same old thing innit

Never really got Oh Inverted World, seemed a bit dreary. Will give it another shot.

Chutes Too Narrow was great though.

Sounds like a particularly shit, slowed down, coral studio jam.

Sounds like a conscious move back to a Chutes-y sound, but with the psych-y wooshing of Inverted World.

To be honest I quite like it compared to the over-polished sound of Port of Morrow. Plus if the album has more songs like the one from Wish I Was Here I’ll be pretty hyped.

The Shins can definitely lay claim to having great opening tracks, all brilliant.

Sleeping Lessons an absolute gem

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Always play that opening bit to help me tune my guitar so the song is very often in my head and sung in the shower. Comet Appears is a great end to that album too