The Sides of Bread

Although thinking about it, I never actually eat the top and bottom halves separately. When I’m having a sandwich, say, I’ll be eating both halves simultaneously

I may have one of these for breakfast tomorrow so will report back

I remember them too! I made a crane out of them once that I had to show in assembly during my first week at a new school. A frightening and overwhelming experience!

Year 10 I was

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Its not called a sandwich when it’s a French stick

can’t believe you unlocked such an early memory in me there, should get a special badge for that. I think I remember chewing them when I was a toddler.

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I love the top bit

You would.


There’s a reason why it’s the top. Cos it looks nicest and is the best. Fuck everyone that likes the bottom

All the time!

Ah yeah, nothing quite like a plain baguette in its entirety to kick-start your day!


Fuck you

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You’d like to fuck everyone’s bottom. Obsessed.


  • the best bit
  • the worst bit
  • an ok bit

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Not a big bread fan per say, but just wanted to say hey Ant! Good to see you back.


Yeah I suppose this is true

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Wow. You think you know someone.


It depends on the type of bread


These ones you get with the melted cheese on top are equally great/disgusting.