The single greatest moment in all recorded music


I know it’s a live album, but I refuse to believe there’s a better moment than when the audience can be heard singing along at 4:09 (although “RAAAAAAAAPE… MUUUURRRRDER!!!” comes close):

Feel free to suggest others… It’ll be a shite thread if you don’t



Been listening to a lot of Sam Cooke today, guys fucking amazing


Its where Axl goes “you thnk you’re so cool, why dont you just…fuck off!” In Its so Easy


When this kicks in.


Defining single moment as an actual single moment, when the distortion kicks in after Jimmy’s fill after “chased the charmed, but I don’t want them anymore” in “Hummer” by the Pumpkins. Honestly, that song alone has multiple candidates. And if you expand the definition by a few seconds, that “happiness will make you wonder” buildup combined with the tension it created being ripped apart by the solo roaring in.

I also want to say the “I just want to be me” of Mayonaise.


The first falsetto bit in this


it’s Jagger going “woo!” that makes it, after you’ve heard it nice and clear on the isolated track, you can’t help but hear it clearly on the full track

honorable mentions to the guitar bit in Buddy Holly, Carl going “fuck 'em” in I Get Along and the shout of “WHAT FOR!?” in Slide Away


“It’s Britney bitch”


Purple Rain (the song), all of it. The sheer smashed glitterball noise that is the last chord is possibly the greatest sound ever recorded.


Do Make Say Think - Fredericia - towards the end when both drummers come in with all the cymbals :slight_smile:



I’d say New Order and Regret. It is kind of perfect on every level - it’s a euphoric pop song.
It was released when New Order were becoming an after thought, basically because Factory was falling apart. But within this pop song, they captured everything that was New Order, and essentially pop music. Amazing.


It’s gonna be
A gloooo-ooooo-ooooorious daaa-aaa-aaayyyy


The bit in Cowgirl where the squiggly synth bit kicks in, and it’s like every guitar solo you ever heard all wrapped up in gaffa tape and spraypainted silver.


The Sundays - Goodbye

“As the heavens shudder”
(Bout 4 mins in)

A beautiful song and that bit always get me



“I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.”
“Oh, 'cause she’s dead!”


people don’t often mention that ‘What For’. it only appeared on early live versions iirc.


Despite the Partridge connection, the bit that goes

"Memories (memories)
Good days (good days)
Bad days (baaad days)
They’ll be (they’ll be)
With me (with me)
Always (aallways)… "

in Knowing Me Knowing You