The Sinner


Anyone watching this? I LIKE IT!


What is it?


New Netflix series! With Jessica biel and bill Pullman


Looks deece, will check an episode


Man, he’s a qualified doctor, yknow.


watched two of these, think it’s ok but is relying on some pretty well-worn tropes. feel like they’re gonna tease flashbacks for 8 episodes and then when they reveal the big thing i’m gonna go ‘oh ffs’



I’ve finished it, yo. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoyed it more than thingy… Mindhunter!

I’m well good at thee ol’ reviews eh?


how annoyed out of 10 do you think i’ll be when all is revealed? i like bill pullman but think he deserves better writing than quirky detective going through a divorce.


Can you list 5 series that you really enjoyed? I would like to get an idea of what your kind of thing is.


my fave shows are prob: the wire, sopranos, twin peaks, x files, northern exposure, making a murderer, the staircase… does that help? :smiley:


Ive not heard of Northern Exposure, will check that out


Hum, not sure it does. I suppose I should have asked a better question :smiley: haha!!

When you said northern exposure I thought you meant Due South :laughing:


it’s pretty lightweight compared to all the others, like twin peaks if nothing weird ever happened. just nice smalltown northwest comedy drama. i like it.

they’re kinda similar :smiley:


Just realised I haven’t finished watching it!!! Haha!! Big bag of nuts.


i finished it. i’m mad at you, witches!!!