The Smashing Pumpkins - Rage against the Machina

My old friend John Brainlove did this thread about a thousand years ago, but I still remember. I voted for SP mostly on the strength of Adore. Yes, of course, Gish and that other famous one, but Adore…I love Adore, and never mind ever thing else. Yes, Kurt Cobain, it was a tough decision, but for me, SP.

Revisiting old threads. SP v. Nirvana.

SP - Apples+Oranges
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The Flaming Lips.

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If you mean in the grunge genre as a whole, considering Nirvana was not grungey and was more punk rockey, the best band was Soundgarden, head and shoulder above everything else.

If you mean to compare both bands as musical entities, I reckon Cobain was not the most gifted singer, but the bald dickhead from SP has the most annoying, raspey, whining voice of the whole rock n’roll history, so Nirvana wins this one easy.

If you mean from an historical prespective, then Nirvana had the more impactful career seen since the Beatles, so there’s not even a debate.

One the one hand, Nirvana, but on the other… SP.

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Not sure a band with just two albums could ever be ranked above the mighty SP


Pumpkins by quite a margin. In terms of quality quantity and variety the pumpkins output was unbelievable, really liked their aesthetic as well, they really created their own universe. Lyrically I prefer corgans grandiose brand of alienation, when he sings about being ‘forever broken’ or how ‘the years burn’ it will always resonate with the perpetual teenager in me. Think it’s weird they haven’t had more a legacy, by rights they should get the mojo cover treatment once a year, there should be whole music scenes that use them as a blue print. I guess it is largely down to corgans personality.

Think this is the best to performance ever


Pumpkins - better, Nirvana - cooler.


Recently been digging into the machina era stuff, it is a shame it was never fully realised because I think if it was they would not have been seen to have lost it by the end. The demos sound lovely


History would be much kinder to the Pumpkins if Billy Corgan had just stopped opening his mouth in about 1997


Dead (unexcited to be at itchy and scratchyland)

Yeah, but what about a band with more than two albums, like Nirvana?

Not a massive fan of either, but I’d say Bleach is the best record by either of them, then Siamese Dream.

(nirvana is quite obviously the better band btw)


Always Pumpkins for me. Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie are both untouchable.

Corgan is a massive piece though and has produced a big load of guff since 2000. Had Kurt lived I can’t see him producing quite as much shite, always thought he would have gone down a more REM or Neil Young kind of route.


I wasn’t counting EPs

Neither was I.

Which one of Bleach, Nevermind and In Utero are you not counting?

Bleach is actually a plus-size EP.

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If you say so. :smirk:

Think he’s trolling. Or just confusing it with Incesticide. Who knows.