The Smashing Pumpkins - Rage against the Machina

I don’t think he’s trolling, it’s a common mistake people make


Lol, I meant you. Meant to reply to Richie. You’re wrong blates. It’s ok, you were only 3 when Bleach came out, I remember buying it.

It’s one of the great EPs tbf. But I think they stepped up with their debut album, Nevermind


Battle of the EPs

  • Smashing Pumpkins - Lull
  • Nirvana - The Bleach EP

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imagine if Corgan had died in 94 and Kurt cobain carried on putting out albums, doing 24 hour modular synth jam sessions and getting into wrestling




Honestly don’t really believe Cobain had any really incredible, next level musical or songwriting genius. Had they kept on they might have released one or two good records and then have faded like all the other grunge bands. They released two really great rock albums, but they weren’t on course to become the next Beatles. WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN is probably just a bit more of the same and then diminishing returns.

Likewise, Corgan might have been seen as a Godlike genius and not a complete willy had he topped himself after Mellon Collie.

for christ’s sake, mate


Smashing Pumpkins are very bad


Which do you think is the hottest take in this thread?

  • Smashing Pumpkins are bad
  • Cobain didn’t have any incredible songwriting talent

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It’s really hard to tell with nirvana, I’m sometimes sceptical as to whether they were all that, but then I listen to them and they do have some magical quality to them, how much of that has been imbued with the context of what happened and the constant legend building since I don’t know, but I guess the fact you still get kids getting into them 20 years on says something.

They are no the smashing pumpkins though

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If Nirvana had carried on, Grohl would have contributed more b-sides and album tracks. Then it all comes to a head in 97 when Geffen want Everlong as the lead single for the new Nirvana album.This is vetoed by Love. Grohl is pissed and quits the band.


My mind says SP. My heart says Nirvana.

probably would have happened after In Utero anyway after the Marigold debacle

Not often I get to boast on the Internet. Check out the ticket numbers!


Let’s resolve this amicable with a game of twister


I like how billy lumbers over towards the end and kills the vibe

Definitely Nirvana

If the Smashing Pumpkins were any good Take That would’ve covered them instead


sort of hard to judge as I think SP’s best is as good or better than anything Nirvana put out, but I don’t really give much of a shit about anything post-Mellon Collie. Corgan’s certainly an asshole, but looking back, I think a lot of Cobain’s attitude was incredibly petty and offputting too.

I’ll probably give SP the nod as I’ve been burned out on Nirvana (barring a few tracks) for a long time.

Yeah Cobain was no saint