The smell of insect repellent

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can smell it right now, cheers :confused:

I’m an insect so i hate it :frowning:


As a teenager, I used to wear this ylang ylang oil all the time. It was too sharp at first, but I loved it once it had soaked in. My wristband smelled great. I guess I was talking about how wonderful it smelled one time, because my friend laughed and said no it smelled like insect repellant. I didn’t care though! I still loved it.

What gear are you on? I’m a fiend for the Jungle Formula Extra Strong.

Isn’t Lynx cheaper?

Maybe the best post ever tbh.

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Good band name for that guy in the Great Things thread

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The Smell of, Insect Repellent


This is the best stuff. No deet in it so you can spray it over clothes too.

Anything with citronella in it gives me an instant headache which will almost certainly upgrade to a migraine if I maintain proximity. I can’t even be in the same room as someone peeling an orange.

Witnessed auld Ma ruffs try and spray a fly directly over a fruit bowl the other day, my brother in christ that will spoil your apples.