The social board and music board have swapped positions on the category list (sftftsb)

It’s going to take a while for my muscle memory to adjust, I keep accidentally ending up on the music board

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Social has gone completely for me :open_mouth:


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We’re starting to move over to seperate boards. We’ll be having dedicated Sport, Film & TV, Politics boards, etc, as of October, rather than just one catchall Social thread and sub-sections. It’s been in the works for a while. Should work a lot better. The 100 funniest DiSers were all asked about it privately and the vast majority approved.


At least half of them have got to go anyway, they just clutter everything up and make the “suggested topics” bit at the bottom of threads useless.

Sports, pets and film & TV should just become social, and festivals and radiohead should be in music. This has been allowed to slide for too long.

The main feedback we got from people was…

  • Less politics threads
  • Ghostban users who take over threads (more than 15% of posts)
  • More football threads
  • Stop the morning, daily, evening threads.

Happy with that.

@1101010 can everything suggested in this thread be put into action please? Let me know if you need any further information.

My life has been transformed by muting threads. Although it seems like no one is posting anymore…

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Well obviously I vehemently opposed more football threads so it’s been bounced back to the 2002 committee

I keep accidentally going to the music board. Gosh.

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what buttons


One of the executive board’s initiatives to try and get more traffic on the Social board.

Nonsense isn’t it

Ah sorry I missed that thread due to spending a day in meetings woo.

so when you finish reading a thread do you press the dis button to go back to
and not the social tag on one of the threads underneath to go back to Social - Drowned in Sound | Community


Neither, I’ve been going to menu then social

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I hit the DiS logo at the top usually. I have no idea what buttons these guys are talking about

Nothing ever changed for me

It’s very simple look, here is the menu button I use

And here is how it looks with a very professional glimpse of how it used to look