The Social Dilemma

Specifically for the Netflix documentary but also the ‘social dilemma’ as a whole.

Have you seen it? Thoughts? What do you think about the wider implications? And do you think DiS fits this mold of the dopamine hit, and positive intermittent reinforcement?

haven’t seen it but



Could you give us a synopsis?

Some failed Jamaican sprinters reinvent themselves as a bobsleigh team with the help of a disgraced coach, and go to the Calgary Winter Olympics.


Oh sorry did you mean for the social dilemma?

A number of past and present tech industry bods talk about how what they have created has contributed to a world where we’re addicted to social media, technology, short term dopamine hits, surveillance capitalism etc, and how often the algorithms they started out with have taken on lives of their own, for better or for worse.

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Seems like a fairly uncontroversial view to me.


That’s a load of bollocks tbh. Not addicted to the dopamine hit, just post for the love of it.

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It’s a one off, about two hours long. But will have you thinking long after the credits roll.

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Yeah the both sidesism was some real privileged shit. Even had someone unironically saying they follow people they don’t agree with to get different views. Fuck off.

Don’t think it said much new tbf.

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Reckon it was made just to get people off their phones and watch more Netflix.

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fucking amazing.

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Found it hilarious that the word ‘Netflix’ was missing from the script/sound bites. I’m sure Pinterest even got a mention ffs.


Nonsense. I pay literally no attention to the two total shitbags who’ve unfollowed me in the past 24 hours.

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“But we’re just a humble film rental service! Nothing to do with us guvnor”

It was weird when the son didn’t have his phone and literally had nothing else to do. Surely he’d be playing Fortnite or watching Peppa Pig or something.

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He’s the rich kid in Booksmart. Also his sister was Moonrise Kingdom.

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The Netflix Dilemma… being tricked into watching a Channel 5 daytime movie by having it spliced into an ‘edgy’ documentary