The Sound Of Vinyl sale - up to 70% off*/Special-Offers-Discounts-2019/


Don’t but a bunch of stuff you already own in other formats. Don’t but a bunch of stuff you already own in other formats. Don’t but a bunch of stuff you already own in other formats…

Buys My Nation Underground by Julian Cope and Massive Attack’s Protection :thinking:


Has same thought process. Sees Good Kid, Maad City for £7.99. Buys said record.

Do these people deliver OK?

Read some terrrible reviews on trust pilot.

Did wonder if that was why they were so cheap?

No problem at all - came quickly, well packaged. I’ve bought from them before with no problems.

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It had gone up to £9.99 by the time I ordered it. Still a bargain though!

Wasn’t an issue with one of the earlier sales that they got overwhelmed by volume of orders?

Don’t know about that, but I do know that Good Kid, Maad City is an amazing album. The vinyl version is the ‘deluxe edition’ that adds three, uniformly amazing, extra tracks (none of which I’d heard before) that bulk it out to proper vinyl double album length. I’d always thought it was good but a bit overshadowed by To Pimp a Butterfly but I’m not so sure now. Might be the best £7.99 I’ve spent for a while.

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Ooh nice, I was already looking forward to it arriving, but this sounds even better! Picked up Aja too, which was temporarily out of stock, so it’ll be a week or so at best.

GKMC’s always been my favourite Kendrick - I’m not mad on that Thundercat kind of sound on parts of TPAB, so it’s just purely for aesthetic reasons rather than thinking one is more relevant than the other.

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I’ve had an email to say my order has been dispatched. Never had an issue before - think my last order, at the last sale, took a far while to be dispatched.

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Received mine promptly (Good Kid and Eminems Greatest Hits, obvs :grinning::+1:)

Just to follow up. I did place an order. Didn’t receive a despatch email


They all turned up promptly. Very good.

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