The "spoiler avoiding" #ssp thread

Ok so the idea is that if you have a question about a film/tv show/sport that you want a straight answer about and need to avoid spoilers then you can post it here. Please please please us blur tags and keep it spoiler free.

No idea if this thread is of use to anyone other than myself!

So my question relates to The Missing and my question doesn’t contain any plot spoilers…

So we’re thinking about watching season 2 because it’s had good reviews and it’s been recommended to us. Neither of us have watched the first season but know the general plot/ending. Do we need to watch season 1 before 2 or are they standalone? Is season 2 recommended?

I watched all of the second series and really enjoyed it. Never saw the first one. Didnt feel I missed out.

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ive only seen S1 and it was great. as i understand it only the french police officer guy is the same

yep, this is true. and S2 jumps between time frames, you can tell by the bloke’s hair and facial hair etc. changing every other scene

same as S1 then yeah. should prob watch S2 before it drops off iplayer

Should I watch The OA?