The SPOOKY Halloween Thread ☠


Fucking love Halloween, me. I’m going as Homer in the try n save family photo



I can JAG my terrifying Halloween music again if you want

Otherwise, I don’t really have anything planned at all. I’m hoping I find something eerie to watch on the telly or something. Listening to Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age right now, while redrafting an essay.

Impending deadlines are v, v, scary


Dug out the same thing I wear every Halloween. The generically spooky dress (which I also sometimes wear to work). It’s also done double duty as a Lydia Deetz costume at short notice before.

At the spare room at my dads. I bought some cheap bed linen and a rug a while back to make it less cheerless seeing as I’m the only person who ever uses it.


It’s not Halloween yet, but might go to work as the joker on Monday


@profk this is my Casual Halloween look.


Went out as a ghostbuster last night. People loved it and many compliments were received :slight_smile:


do you work somewhere spooky _em?


No I just own clothes that are suitable for both work and Halloween.




Went a bit hard last night so unlikely I’ll do anything tonight…but there are rumblings…
Not into wearing costumes anymore obviously or how it makes some people behave like real dickheads. Though I do dig the history of the occasion I suppose.


Carved a pumpkin :jack_o_lantern: Now making a curry listening to a Halloween playlist from a mate’s blog. It’s pretty decent.


Not doing much of anything this year other than listening to Werewolf Bar Mitzvah a few times.


I’'m at all yr parties as the invisible man.


got some further Halloween music suggestions, too!


i wear the same thing (with DM Polleys) if i work halloween. have done many a kids halloween party as wednesday addams.


was gonna go as crazy cat lady from the simpsons and cellotape loads of cuddly toy cats to myself but cba


Went outside and the entire city is encompassed by a fog of drunken aggy dickheads in childish outfits


am invited to a party tomorrow night but i completely forgot to make an outfit because i’ve been so ill and sad. cba. :slight_frown:


it should just be every 4 years


you’re all miserable bastards.