The Spotify Is Not Working Thread

Wasn’t sure whether to put this thread in this section or in the Serious Matters section.

Anyway, use this thread to post how you are coping this evening without Spotify.

I have one album that is working for me, and so I will probably even give it a second listen!

Spotify (the desktop app) never works


Was just about to ask if this was happening for others.

In that case, you’ve come to the right thread!


Opens iTunes looks at all the music collected down the years

I’m fine

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I seem to be able to play 2 seconds of any track, so I guess I’ll be catching up on some of the new releases from Friday I haven’t had time to hear yet and making some pretty uninformed snap judgements on them.

Oh, it’s back up already.

I don’t want to even imagine the stress of a Friday not being able to listen to new releases! Unthinkable.


Damnit. The one time I make a thread. Thanks for nothing, Spotify.


Songs I’ve downloaded are working fine. Others aren’t

It’s still a thing.

Apparently Google Cloud Platform (Google’s version of AWS) is having a major outage, so lots of sites are down (eg Etsy)

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really fucking annoying

i’m going to have to go out without music?? ugh

I want to send somebody a link to the new Big Thief track, and I can’t. What a world!


Can’t believe the new Big Thief track crashed spotify. The power of real music!!!


Its fine for me (listening to Vengeful Spectre)

Going to disconnect the WiFi for a bit so I can be part of your wonderful thread


Literally no reason to use any other streaming service though, is there

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Apple Music works better with the media centre on the merc.