The Spring Clean Thread 🧺🧽🧹

Anyone else in the spring cleaning mood? Let’s share questions, tips, victories, before and after pictures etc.

I’ve taken a long weekend and going to do top to bottom deep clean and sort out. Hate day to day housework but love a good project.

One of my biggest challenges is to find somewhere to put my bags of books. I’m down three bookcases since the central heating was installed. Have got a bit of shelving for some, but others are going to have to be dotted around here and there.

Also need to use a loyalty card or something to try cleaning out all the bits from the gaps between the floorboards downstairs. Going to take absolutely forever :weary:

this but for all of a really big room ugh

Probably need to take another long weekend off just for the yard because it’s a bit of a disaster.

Going to look through some old clothes and see if there’s any material that I can repurpose for sewing projects. I think I need to finally concede that hanging on to anything labelled ‘small’ is utterly futile.


I’m very sentimental/“but it MIGHT be useful one day” type of person so have accumulated a lot of stuff and would like to be brutal about getting rid of it. The konmari method doesn’t work for me because leftover tiny envelopes from when I sent Christmas cards to everyone in 2018 do not spark joy but they can be useful (and actually were the other day when I needed to post something)


The main problem is that I have four miscellaneous drawers when just one is enough :flushed:

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Been putting it off for a couple of weeks but this weekend might, might be the weekend to sort out the garden.

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I am always in a spring cleaning mood :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

However there are a few areas that I just never touch for some reason and have gotten so bad I’m in denial. My food cupboard is embarrassingly bad. They’re designed in such a stupid way that I can’t access anything in half of them without a stool and leaning over the sink so I tend to barely use them. So a while ago some maple syrup started leaking in there and it’s solidified on the shelf and it’s been like that for a year.

Also some salt and other stuff has spilled in a big pile and the damp in the flat has turned it into something solid.

It’s worse than it sounds. But jfc, who has time to take out all the fucking tinned tomatoes and clean the unreachable shelves.

Cupboard of shame.

Maybe I’ll finally tackle it this month.

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My food cupboard sounds similar. It’s all mixed up and things fall out whenever I open it. It’s annoying because it’s a glue to ceiling one and the top two shelves I can’t reach without the steps and who can be bothered crouching down to give find in the bottom one. Can’t use any other cupboards for food because of the damp. Might do a before and after photo of that later, but it probably won’t stay organised for long.

OH. This is my kinda thread. Thank you @wileycat!

My poor flat is in a state of distress atm- when lockdown 1 happened I was so on top of it but now it’s just… hmm. Yeah.

A million percent this. I enjoy washing up and the very basics, but anything larger than that? Please behave. But a big day of listening to the radio and getting mad into cleaning? Sign me up!

Did my bathroom not too long ago and that was great fun. I’m such a natural hoarder that cleansing the place feels great.

I’ve lived in my current flat for a year and a half but still have boxes and whathaveyou in my living room and bedroom. Don’t get me STARTED on the cupboards. Blimey.

Gonna be hardcore invested in this thread.

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What mops does everyone have btw? Cause I got a £15 spray thing from Argos and it’s good, I love it, but is a steam contraption worth the investment? Feel like @Scout will know


Getting a new kitchen installed at the end of the month so I’ve decided the kitchen can be an absolute sty until then. Liberating

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Also interested in this. Got a spray mop from the evil place, but the spray stopped working pretty quickly. To be fair I don’t mind carrying a spray bottle around so the effectiveness of the mop is probably the crucial factor for me.

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I dont understand how so many kitchens are designed so badly to make parts of it unusable.

I’ll do a before and after too then. A bit of peer pressure will help.

Wonder if I can utilise M to reach things and pitch it as some sort of homeschooling activity we have to do.

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Oh yes, kermy, you know me well.

The shark steam mop most appealed to me, you can flip it over and get 2 uses out of one pad, it had good reviews and it’s going strong after a few years.


This is the one, the klik and flip @kermitwormit

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I am absolutely itching to spring clean my entire life


Omg, I did my food cupboards about a fortnight ago. Got everything out, wiped down the shelves, checked all the use by dates, etc.
Properly sat on my floor and went through stuff. Had three piles (out of date cause I’m a hoarder, won’t use but in date and bought cause I’m a hoarder so donate to the local food bank, keep) and it was the most cathartic thing I’ve done in ages. Honestly, better than therapy. I have a carbs and tins cupboard now! I know where everything is! And I use the app that @wileycat recommended to keep an eye on them all. Love it.


Oh HELLO you beauty.

Thank you so much :smiley: knew you wouldn’t let me down.

God that mop is just out of this world.

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I’m still well cool and will go to nightclubs and stuff when they open again before anyone thinks I’m boring now.

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Imagine taking that mop to a provincial nightclub floor though


We’ve got one of these. It seems to work well for us (on floorboards and tiles)

Yeah, that’s the issue isn’t it?
Also remembering to pop the mop end in your washing machine. Nout worse than being ready for a big clean and realising your mop end is still filthy.