The Spring Clean Thread 🧺🧽🧹

The top of the box has pictures of balloons on and says congratulations so it’s the first thing you see and honestly, a product has never known me so well.

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You get two with this by the way so if you forget to wash one you’re good for another round.

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That squirting nozzle placement + action looks a bit obscene

  • Yes. Yes it does.
  • Behave.

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my bathroom needs a clean, argh
anyone got any cleaning life hacks?

Stop it, it’s not Thursday.

But… look at it

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Clean little and often so it never gets too bad.


I was replying to the nightclub one. The idea of cleaning a grotty nightclub floor with a steam mop :drooling_face:

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I don’t think I’m capable of this

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Is there anything more annoying than this?

I could perfectly get in there if it weren’t for that bastard pipe. And before anyone is like “your skirting boards are filthy”, no they aren’t, I use a swiffer on them weekly but my bathroom is older than me. Do you know how hard it is to get a yellow bathroom to look clean? VERY HARD ACTUALLY.

When kermit gets one she can sneak it into a club under the big goth trenchcoat I assume she owns and we can all live vicariously through her.


This will be the first weekend in about two months that I haven’t had to work, so I have BIG PLANS for a spring clean that has needed doing for a while.

Starting top to bottom, hoover and clean down of every surface, and then a big sort through the kitchen cupboards, giving everything a wipe and checking all the dates on all the food.

I’m looking forward to it.

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i got a swiffer and the squirting mechanism stopped working after 6 months :frowning: has put me off the whole idea of cleaning

I saw a mop the other day in a film (YES it was a very interesting film thanks for asking), and the mop head attached by magnets and when you put it in the bucket there was a little footpump to Swizz it round. Was like wow wee.

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Fridge really needs doing and the bath needs a proper clean rather than a ‘that’ll do’ clean

Genuinely love cleaning.

So much so I’ve often thought about doing it as a profession.

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Looking at the photos it seems likely a very minimal difference, but it was an actual nightmare before I promise.

Pantry cupboard




I am shit at keeping up with cleaning as my boyfriend very rarely decides to clean anything and the flat is full of junk and we’ve got issues with the bins so we’ve always got loads of cardboard optimistically waiting for a day when the recycling bins aren’t full to bursting.

But I will offer one tip for cleaning glass shower doors if it’s of use to anyone, because we have very hard water around here and i had many failed attempts at cleaning ours. Get some limescale remover, spray it on, spread it around a bit with a sponge and then rinse it off immediately. Don’t leave it to work because it just deposits the limescale back on the glass as it dries, and don’t bother scrubbing much because it just gives it time to dry and doesn’t make enough difference to be worth the effort.

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