The Spring Clean Thread 🧺🧽🧹

can’t read this thread as I’m deeply ashamed of the state of my home atm.

Sorry good luck bye!

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This bad boy.


It’s a lot of money (£250?) but given the majority of our downstairs is hard flooring it’s a lifesaver. It hoovers and mops so it’s miles better than a steam mop that just pushes dirt around.


Moving flat this month and the agent for the current place wants to get new photos of where we are now for marketing. So this weekend we have to do an uber-pack-and-clean and somehow make it look like we aren’t A) working from home and B) both collectors of books, records, trinkets, posters, any fucking paper thing we can get our hands on spilling out of boxes, shelves and drawers everywhere.

On top of that we’ve got damp in the bedroom to clean plus I can suddenly see every dinged bit of paint or dusty corner like it’s just appeared and not accumulated over months…

I can usually get myself RIGHT in the mood for deep cleaning though so hoping I can make that last the weekend.

Please stop trash talking steam mops

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Have you seen Stacey Solomon’s kitchen cupboards?

Another top tip (which most people probably do anyway), is to use a squeegie/wiper blade thing after every shower. It takes a couple of seconds, but it’ll leave your shower screen and tiles much clearer every time.

I would do this but unfortunately getting the other user of the shower to do the same proved to be a non-starter and he eventually ‘lost’ the squeegie

Up his bum?

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They’re a waste of time. You have to pre-mop to actually get rid of the dirt, otherwise it’s just getting dragged around on this scummy pad while you clean the whole floor and you can’t actually change it or wash it clean. pointless inventions

I mean, if that’s where it went it’s been up there for a long time because I’ve not seen it for about 5 years

I vacuum first, but that’s totally normal. Surely no one mops to get crumbs and dust up? Pre-mopping sounds utter madness.

Mine flips over too so you have a second clean side.

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yeah that’s what we used to do (before Connie) was hoover and then steam mop. But when we got Connie it was so much more filthy with her running in and out and so we upgraded to the Karcher thing.

I’m only pulling Scout’s leg about steam mops, I think they’re fine and we used one for ages, but I think you need to really be on top of your cleaning or pre-mop and pre-hoover otherwise they’re a lot of faff and you still feel like you’ve got grubby floors

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fucking hell i properly killed this thread. thought I could get some steam mob beeves going. where’s @meowington when you need her?!

Thank you for inspiring me.

I didn’t take photos when I took everything out as it was horrific. Balsamic vinegar dried everywhere, a giant pile of salt that had changed color and crystallised. Bleugh.

The dried maple syrup required hacking at it with a knife.


Great work!

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Any tips on cleaning (i think) a cast iron bath (where the surface isnt the best)?