The St Pierre Snake Invasion

Couldn’t find a thread about them, but listening to this new album they surely deserve one.

Great stuff. Fresh, ballsy, heavy, with surprising elements like great harmonies and samples of some really eclectic stuff. Loving it.

Who knows more about the band? Fill me in please.

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@jimmyhuntspill is a fan

Not joining in.

They’re fucking great. Bud of mine is putting them on in Notts later in the year.

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Went to the album launch on Friday. It was great. They are on an upward trajectory for sure.

Oh hi! :smiley:

Yeah big fan of their work, new album absolutely rips, it feels a lot darker and more intense than A 100 Years A Day and so fucking heavy in places and intimidating.

Last Words of a Bent Cop is worth checking out from their debut EP, Flesh (It’s got the line “I wish I was as good as Razorlight”) and Call The Coroner from the Everyone’s Entitled To My Opinion EP.

Rock N Roll Workshops, David Ickerumba, and The Great Procrastinator are all highlights off the debut album if you want to check them out. See them live if you can, they’re excellent.

Only know of them from the Mclusky* connection. Been meaning to check them out

Glad they’re doing well, for a while they were the support band for absolutely everything in Bristol, saw them playing countless times at the Exchange when they played on the floor because Fucked Up or whoever had taken up the entire stage with their gear. Was going to see them at the Fleece on Friday (could probably have got in free because my stamp from Confidence Man the night before hadn’t washed off) but was too tired. Great live band, hope this means big things for them.

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Saw them support Future of the Left at Electric Ballroom a couple of years ago. Seeing this has made me go look for the new album, and first impressions are holy moly, what a cover.


see them mentioned quite a bit on here, giving the new album a go now

Hammered the new album a lot over the last 24 hours on the back of the mention in the Heavy Music thread. Wow. Didn’t realise guitar music could sound this refreshing in 2019.


They have been around a while lurking under the surface in Bristol. Remember them mainly for this video

as he goes up every shop up Gloucester Road. Quite similar to a few recent Idles videos actually now I think about it. Singer did Jon’s parts in the last Mclusky show I saw in Cardiff a few years back, I shall be checking their new record out as it seems to be being noticed.

Decent step up from the last album, this. It was a pretty good decision of theirs to become ETID, imho.

Been rinsing this a lot recently, it’s so, so fucking good. Saw them play lots of stuff off it at 200 Trees and the new songs absolutely rip. Highlights are Caroll A Deering, Remystery, Omens, The Idiot’s Guide To Music, I Am The Lonely Tourist, Brain Dead, Casanovacaine


It’s feckin mega! Not a weak track on it


Innit. Only real change would be to have It Gave A Lonely Light as a full track. Some of the experimentation and odd bits reminds me of the Chariot. When that riff comes back in on Caroll A Deering, holy shit. Monstrously heavy live.

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First thought when I saw this thread title:

Christ, what’s Billy Corgan up to this time?

I love the Russian choir bit on Caroll A Deering. Wouldn’t hear many bands sticking something like that in but it totally works and I love it. That whole track is absolutely banging.

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