The Staircase (Netflix)

Anyone watched this true crime series yet? You may be familiar with it as 10 of the 13 episodes of Netflix have already been shown on the BBC in 2004 and 2012. Netflix have done three new episodes and made all the episodes available to watch. It is brilliant.

Yes! I started this yesterday and I am desperate to get back to watch the rest. I’m on episode 10 already.

watched the original 10 last year and watched two of the new ones yesterday, it’s pretty great

going to be absolutely raging if it turns out he isn’t released/or if at the end he confesses to having actually done it!

Ooooh didn’t realise Netters had new episodes, gonna get on that.

For anyone who’s seen the new episodes, do they give much creedence to the owl theory :owl: ?


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i’ve only seen two of the three but there’s been no mention of owls as yet i’m afraid

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Was this originally called Death on the Stairs?

Oh really? Fair do’s.

it was when it was on BBC storyville aye

Yeah, found the new content a little frustrating/overly drawn out tbh

Yes, i think it was originally called that. I think it was originally shown on the BBC as part of the ‘Storyville’ series.

As far as i remember, it is barely mentioned.

Ah, remember seeing it in the listings and wondering if it was connected to the Libertines song somehow… (apparently it was Death on the Staircase on BBC, so my idle musings were even stupider).

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I can imagine. Thought it would focus on that tbh but owl give it a go all the same!!!11

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Do I need to watch the old episodes for this to make sense or can I dive straight into the new ones?


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Watch it in it’s entirety. The stuff on Netflix is the old series plus new ones tacked on at the end. You will be getting the full show with everything that’s on there

You will have to watch the old ones.

13 episode documentary… as much wasted time as making a murderer? I don’t think I can do it.