The Staircase (Netflix)

Look I listened to two hours of podcast about this case, I think I know what I’m talking about.


I watched 13 hours of a documentary on it. I know more!!!

You watch the documentary and i’ll listen to the podcast and then we’ll review.

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i don’t get why finding the murder weapon is such a big deal in investigations generally

like, the guy was stabbed. what difference does it make if we find that *exact* knife? unless it’s got finger prints and dna all over it or whatever then who cares

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What was the deal with the blowpoke?* I felt like I must have daydreamed through a bit where it was fine to just go on about it as the obvious weapon, over al others.


*Also, had never heard of a blowpoke before, it looks really handy.

It’s fingerprints and DNA.

If his prints are on a knife that has her blood on it, thas it

Do you blow and poke at the same time? Or blow then poke?

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perhaps you could make a podcast where you both discuss the combined findings of the TV show and the podcast?

It will just be me shouting OWL OWL OWL

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It looked like you did some poking, then at points stuck it in the middle and had a blow to get the embers blazing. I mean, it looked fucking amazing.

Just finished episode 8 Really didn’t expect that verdict

I’m not sure I liked it all that much. Not many likeable people… But will still watch it.

I finished it last night. Utterly bored of it. Barely watched most of it, just had it on in the background. Still think the two-hour Generation Why podcast on the case was more detailed and more even-handed.

I like the way the lady said tele-phoooone and baaaah-sexual


Just started the next episode oh here’s some evidence and testimony we didn’t mention at all before and now its the most crucial Bullshit.

Bloooow pooooke

Myself and my GF are still yelling this at each other weekly. Amazing pronunciation.

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Ok I listened to that podcast and tbf it did have more info than the documentary. They mentioned nothing of the money problems.

Also why didn’t they mention he started going out with one of the producers?! how odd.

We take on a lot of these things from shows.

In Making A Murderer the mans mum said to him “do you want your hamburger now?” in such a weird accent that now whenever we say “do you want X now?” we have to say it in that way.
We’ve been doing that for the last 3 years!!! It never goes away.

Oh, hello.

The listing for the series has been updated with a picture of an owl. Hmm…

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New viewers will be so confused, sitting thorough 12 and a half episodes before anyone makes reference to an owl

If i recall correctly, the owl theory is mentioned so quickly the viewer may not even catch it.