The state of this is beyond the state of all 'the state of this'


Look at the name of the record. And yet they are more successful than any of us musically. Fuck everything.


speak for yourself pal, I’m plenty successful musically


not more so than 2,000,000 views of the awesome song ‘hello my name is human’


If you’ve ever made money off of music you created then you’re in the top 0.1% of “people who can play instruments”. Cheer up


<3 you’re the best meho


< 3


Holy piss, that’s me! :metal:


Nice to see Olivier Giroud finding something to take his mind off being a substitute nowadays


The state of the state of that!



v. tempted to record this now


me hold the door


I’d like to think two of them were like “Let’s all dye our hair, it’ll be awesome!” but the guy on the left thought “fuck that”.


More likely he thought, that’s highly suspect


Ronald McDonald delillo :smiley: