The State of This Line up

I mean this would be acceptable in the mid/late 00s but now… British Sea Power (maybe Franz Ferdinand) aside pretty poor stuff. I’m embarrassed Facebook thought I would be interested

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I thought Truck Festival was meant to be cool. PS Maximo Park have some pretty killer songs

Something you’ve neglected to tell us @AllOfThemWitches ? :smile:


I’d watch Franz, Maxïmo and BSP anytime. It’s still cheap by festival standards but no longer the “anyone can afford it” weekend is it?

I saw Maximo at a festival once. One of the worst gigs I’ve been to. But im sure they can be good fun with the right crowed and place. It just shocked me how 2000s the line up was.

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I’d go and see Maximo, Vant, Yak, JAWS.
And Mr Motivator.


Truck was great for a while. It’s a cliche but it really was like a village fete with cool music and cool people. I had some great fun in those late 90s early 00s festivals. Think the last one I went to was about 8 years ago - after a break of a few years - where the demographic had changed to a more madferit-let’s-tip-over-the-chemical-bogs-reading-style punter. I know they had money problems and if that’s the lineup they need to survive that’s fair enough. Not for me now though.

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I’d be up for Yak and BSP. Other than them yeah piss poor

Yeah, It’s very much a 12 years ago main billing. Didn’t Libertines headline Reading 2 years ago?

Used to love Truck, but it’s gone a bit to, well, this way. fair play, I guess and I’m glad it survived the troubles of 5 or 6 years ago.

Slaves are so shit.


Mr Motivator? Is he heading an aerobics session or has he started a band?

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he does aerobic sessions to get people going in the morning. I’ve always missed him, but it’s meant to be a pretty good craic.

Good to hear he’s still finding work!

I really loved those early Trucks, it really was something quite special back then when there really wasn’t much else to compare to it. I didn’t make the very first one but started going from Truck 2 in 99 I think, the first year it became a two day festival. I remember my first one was a fiver in for the weekend and it was so sparsely attended that you could pitch your tent right next to your car. which was a bonus. It became essential every year for a few years after, even though it was just bands I’d never heard of from Oxford and you knew you’d be watching the same few acts every year (Rock of Travolta, Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia, Samurai Seven, Southsea Company Prospectus, Seafood, Smilex etc). As it grew and started bringing in acts from further afield there was loads of cracking stuff on (mclusky, The Early Years, Battles, Altern-8 and loads more), and I’d always come away from the Barn on a Sunday with a new favourite band afterwards…

It was always interesting watching it grow over those first few years as new stages got addded etc, and I shed a tear when they moved from the old security guys (two fellas who sat on a sofa all weekend in the chill out tent chain smoking spliffs for the entire weekend) to using an actual proper security company and it certainly marked the end of an era as it transcended into being a ‘proper’ festival.

It was about 2008, with the Lemonheads headlining, that I decided it had changed too much and was no longer for me. For a start there was now hundreds of other alternative festivals which hadn’t existed 10 years previous, and at £70 or so it was no longer so cheap it was an automatic decision to go. I did go again twice after that though - once in 2011 when it moved to 3 days with the big expansion that sent them under because I won some tickets, and again the following year once it had been resurrected under new management and scaled back down to two days because I got a guest list with FOTL. I still had fun but it’s a completely different beast now to those early ones which I loved, and I doubt I’d ever go back again.It’s always been quite a young festival (in those early years it was a safe first festival for people living around the area to send their kids to without the parents being there), and I’m now way too old to go now.


It’s run by the Y Not guys now, isn’t it?

This is Truck now? 100 notes for that tossycock? No thanks.

Also, Slaves can fuck off. Shit band, no fans.

I’ve only just looked at the poster properly and Mr Motivator is literally the only thing on there I’d want to see.

Can’t believe Mike D produced their album. Must have blackmailed him into it

So bizarre. They’re playing 2000 Trees as well, no idea how/why people like them. So, so terrible.

Cabbage are pretty good. Wouldn’t go anywhere to see The Libertines though.