The State of This Line up


Cabbage are pretty good. Wouldn’t go anywhere to see The Libertines though.


Count of 10 (the people that ran Y-Not and latterly Truck) have been bought out by “Global Media Group”, alongside Field Day and a few others, so it’s not even notionally independent any more.

Global owns Heart and Capital FM and manages a bunch of artists, so presumably they’re working on owning the whole process of promoting an act.

I mean, it’s good to see BSP on the line-up, and some part of me is excited about The Libertines, but that part is pissed up on 80p bottles of Stella Artois sometime in 2006.


Are we sure this isn’t Reading 2006?


I miss the days of Fonda 500 and Thomas Truax. And the other Truck-y bands.


Fonda played two years ago and Truax played last year, but yr still right in principle…


Fonda 500 are still a thing! Heartening.


Inspired by this thread I’ve had a look at wiki to try and work out which ones I went to. Appears my first one was truck 4 in 2001. Rock of travolta headlined and were amazing.

Always interesting to look at old festival line ups and see who you missed. Electrelane were on the bill that year, I have no recollection of seeing them but they are one of my very favourite bands. Ditto McLusky who were bottom of the bill on the main stage of truck 5.

Think my last truck was number 12 in 2009.

Ironic that I used to drive about 5 hours to go to those early trucks but now live less than an hour away and wouldn’t dream of going.


playing? It looks like they’re headlining!


TROT were ace that year, but they actually made me fall over when they played in the barn the year before. It was during a bit when they went from quiet noodling to MEGA LOUD with such intensity that I took an involuntary step backwards and ended up on the floor.

This thread is making me quite nostalgic for old Truck now. I miss getting up with a ranging hangover to stand in a tiny barn stinking of cow shit on a Sunday morning to watch some ferocious metal act from Abingdon giving it their all.


The only Truck I went to was in 2007 and instead of watching Idlewild, I got rare and danced to nervous_testpilot. PROPER HAIRCUTS.


Might explain why I didn’t feel anything for the Field Day announcements! Went in 2015 and 16, lots on and still bands I didn’t manage to catch. Then this year is so flat for me.

I worked Truck last year, and was able to see a few acts; Pixel Fix and their ‘last show’ being a highlight. I’ll work it again, but based on the line-up so far I won’t be going out of my way to see much.



Went to truck once. Was alright. Wouldn’t go to this one.


wasn’t sure if this was about a bad lineup or a festival called The State of This


I love Maximo Park.

But Wombats FFS.


Just listening to JAWS’ album from last year. I’d go see them inall now :thumbsup: BUT THAT’S IT!


The YNOT line up is just as shit, if not worse.


You saw them once on The Last Leg singing Sex On Fire with lyrics adapted to be about a chip pan fire. Now you can see The Everly Pregnant Brothers at YNOT festival!


That’s really sad, I went to Y Not a few years ago and it was pretty good.


Absense makes the heart grow Fonda 500