The State of This Line up


YNOT? That lineup is why not


Having played Y Not a couple of years ago myself I can confirm the lineup is always terrible


Clean bandit are the absolute worst.


woah, settle down. i saw dingus khan at ynot


It was a gag along the lines of “I played there ergo” etc


as was mine :unamused:


Ah in that case, “LOL”


this is quite an odd lineup

Claire Sweeney!!


Living in a Box featuring Kenny Thomas? Why was I not aware of this supergroup!?


The Friday line up is brilliant! Totally with richie on the Living In A Box/Kenny Thomas supergroup.


Indeed, it’s a shame Dodgy and A1 let the side down somewhat. They really shouldn’t have gone beyond a limit of 1992.

I wonder what Betty Boo looks like now.


I feel like MADNESS leaps out of there like a commentary from the guy making the poster.


Guys, Arcade Fire are now officially Isle Of White fodder


“create lifelong memories” :joy:


Run DMC is odd


god thats sad


IOW lineup is depressingly bad. Arcade Fire needs to fire their booking person.


Truck festival sold out a week or so back. don’t really have much more to say on that matter


All festival line ups this year seem absolute shit. Obviously Reading is the worst its ever been, but so is Latitude, Probably V because it always is, all the ones posted here and all the other ones. Green Man is decent but the weakest for a few years but i’m still going.
Going to Supernormal because it doesn’t matter who plays, it’s always great and I always find brilliant stuff I’ve never heard of. Also doing Woodland Gathering this year, £35, Bong, Terminal Cheesecake and lots of noise in the lake district. Proper festival, no haircuts.


Field day has a really good line up this year. So it’s possible