The State of This Line up


That is the best line-up. Still, city festivals don’t have the late night/early morning ninsense of a camping in a field festival. Still enjoy them, Psychfest has been great when I’ve been.


Glasto seems pretty solid. Green Man and End Of The Road reliably good. Blue Dot is pretty awesoome looking. But the bigger ones seem lacking


Yeah I wonder what it is, maybe acts are charging more or it’s just a weak year for touring acts but definitely noticeable.


My time machine worked! I’m 19 again


Not a ray of fucking light in that line-up.


Membranes might be alright…

That’s all I’ve got.


I posted this recently, I think if it was like 20 or 30 quid it mightve been fun in a novelty way (bit like Slam Dunk). Its 90!!


Charlotte Church’s set is amazing. Can’t see the people going to this liking covers of neutral milk hotel and sugababes though


That line up is really quite something.


Other than The Membranes, I’d give Public Service Broadcasting and Hacienda Classical (although it’s not as good as it should have been) a bash, but the rest, urgh.


I’m really excited about seeing Lea Salonga!


Possibly the snobbiest thread in DIS history


I’ve been waiting for someone to post this in this thread.

I’m afraid I think it looks really good and I really want to go.


Poor Lightning Seeds. They deserve better.


Guys All Them Witches is a great band tho


Sean needs to do a DIS festival called “The state of this line up festival”. Or just TSOYLUF. It could have all the DIS faves playing and then like book the Vengaboys or Rednex or something.

Just an idea yeah. Start it as a day fest.


Or maybe it should be 90 percent shit but then like radiohead playing.


95% shit


Who knew they even played live? I thought they packed it in after Jam Master Jay died.


I’ve just looked and it’s Run DMC’s only scheduled gig. Seems very odd for two members of an 80s New York rap group to reform to coheadline an old man rock festival on the Isle of Wight alongside David Guetta.