The State of This Line up


there’s a truly astonishing number of crap bands there, jeez

if i got stuck there, i’d consider going to see Razorlight (first album reminds me of sitting in the sun after finishing my GCSEs) but probably wouldn’t. i’d go see Trampolene cos the bass player’s gf is a good friend of mine and he’s a really nice bloke even if his music’s not that interesting. i’d go see Dave McCabe + Ian Skelly cos The Coral were genuinely good. and apparently Charlotte Church’s thing is really good so i’d genuinely love to see her set.

so that’s one band and half of one band i’d actively choose to go see at any other festival, out of what, more than 30 bands? amazing


crows are ace.
that’s all I wanted to add


This really is something… makes the Truck Festival line up seem great and cutting edge by comparison.


Its when Chris Helme and The Twang are mentioned that really does it. My god.


So Glastonbury 2017?







So I’m going did meet up?


“Good evening Dagenham”!!!
“Hope you all have your mash pots”!!


Better then the mercury shortlist.
At least it’s a laugh


From the ‘state of that line up’ to the ‘state of that festival’. Apparently Truck was a bit of a shitshow as well?


See also: YNotFestival which was ran by the same guys


Well that went well:


‘No festival today’


They’ve posted the personal details of the guy heading production duties and blaming it on him, this is going to turn real ugly real fast.


its nice that so many of the bands found other venues. ought and big ups played a free show at the old blue last when jabberwocky got cancelled and it was so good it basically made the whole trip to london worth it





The whole twitter is amazing. Real Partridge to Dundee stuff


The reply they made to the trampoline band had done me