The Stolen Pub Glass Thread

I like this one


Used to bring good ones home when I ran a pub but had to stop cause it was getting out of hand. Still got 2 of these though


and nicked a really nice Budvar half pint tankard for my mum once that she liked when we were out somewhere, want one for myself though.


Big name drinks and brewery branded glasses - fine
Venue-specific and small or independent brewery glasses - not fine, costs a lot of money for them to order more.


Sub-thread: theft stories.

My aunt took a liking to some particularly unusual pint glasses so put one up each trouser leg, tucked her trousers into her socks, and walked out of the bar looking like she’d soiled herself. She reckoned she was a genius, but the landlady totally knew.


Have a couple in this house

Brew By Numbers

Paid a deposit of £3 for this one. Return the glass get your deposit back. So technically not stolen, but was lifted from the taproom

Magic Rock

Really like this one. Don’t reall use it enough actually. Stolen from the brewery/taproom in 'uddersfield

Also have a Heineken pint glass that should probably go really.


Aren’t they certified bad dudes?

The weren’t when I went.

The company that owns/owned (dunno which atm) are very bad dudes.


Kirin. They’re currently trying to sell them though


Still Lion (refused to furlough any zero hours staff at MR over lockdown)/Kirin (funding war crimes) I think.

Didn’t know whether they’d been sold or not yet. They sure did fuck themselves with that buyout though

Long story short; it’s fine to steal Magic Rock stuff.

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Stole 2 of these. Bought the rest of mine

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They made a lot of money.
Old head brewer is at kirkstall now

Very true, but no one is going to touch them if they carry on after they’re sold.

Don’t think anyone is gonna buy them tbh. Brands fucked

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That’s what I was getting at. Phoenix brewery in the future?

Would have to be

oh I asked my friend Laura to pop a Hoegaarden glass in her handbag for me, in the Warehouse in Hudds during uni

I used it to drink tea out of. think it fell on the ground and smashed, can’t remember.

This is why you have to give someone your shoe for a kwak glass

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