The Stolen Pub Glass Thread

Still Lion (refused to furlough any zero hours staff at MR over lockdown)/Kirin (funding war crimes) I think.

Didn’t know whether they’d been sold or not yet. They sure did fuck themselves with that buyout though

Long story short; it’s fine to steal Magic Rock stuff.

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Stole 2 of these. Bought the rest of mine

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They made a lot of money.
Old head brewer is at kirkstall now

Very true, but no one is going to touch them if they carry on after they’re sold.

Don’t think anyone is gonna buy them tbh. Brands fucked

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That’s what I was getting at. Phoenix brewery in the future?

Would have to be

oh I asked my friend Laura to pop a Hoegaarden glass in her handbag for me, in the Warehouse in Hudds during uni

I used it to drink tea out of. think it fell on the ground and smashed, can’t remember.

This is why you have to give someone your shoe for a kwak glass

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It’s a real shame because the brewery and tap are a cracking space


Was lovely in there

Used to have 2 of these


hope so. pretty sad, always had a fondness for them before the bad times

This one came back from Prague with me, so probably not stolen, given that committing crimes abroad when you don’t know the punishment / could be held as an example of how terrible tourists are isn’t the best idea. Must have had it about twenty years now


My mum has a small collection of teaspoons all stolen from various Parador hotels around Spain, because ‘they’re very good teaspoons’. Interpol are yet to come knocking.

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Probably too busy recording their latest record



Someone left this on our garden wall after the Euros final in the summer, so it’s mine now.

They’d left half their lager in it and was worried it was full of piss when I spotted it.

Used to have a nice Strongbow glass that I nicked while I was at uni but that’s long since gone.

Our new house has pubs within walking distance, so might get into stealing pint glasses.

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