The Stolen Pub Glass Thread

You mean the one that comes with a wooden frame? I’ve got one … somewhere

Yes. I’ve deffo had to give a shoe as deposit somewhere

Yes. I think @blind_pilot schooled me on this, so I stopped doing it. Plus, nothing says “student house” like a Stella Artois chalice in the cupboard.

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Used to nick the mikkeller cardboard beer mats as each venue had its own individual design. On the rare occasion I’ve took a glass, I’ve been smashed and it’s not made it home, this is at least 20 years ago though


No glasses but have three or four of these in the roof space


Pretty sure nearly everyone had one of those Hoegaarden glasses when I was a student.

I’ve got a Fullers glass which I got as a student as I was so outraged at the cost of a pint in that particular pub that I took the view that the glass must’ve been included in the price (I can’t remember how much it was now; probably less than a 2/3 of wanker beer would cost now I’d imagine :laughing:).


Thank you, officer

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Rare that I don’t steal a pint glass tbh. Factor it into the extortionate price I’m paying for the beer.

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The bartenders are the victims when they run out of glassware on a busy night/weekend

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My current go-to.


Reckon there’s scope in a forgotten drinks brands thread?

And absolutely.

£5 each them and the Money goes to charity

Saw your Jacques cider post earlier and thought about it. Couple of Kronenbourg brands I used to drink a lot of (Kronenbourg Blanc and Grand Cru anyone?).


Peeterman Artois. I thought I was sophisticated drinking this instead of Stella

God this was horrific. Start the thread.

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Not sure about chain pubs etc, but the little ones don’t.

Also, I realise this is going off on a massive tangent unrelated to pint glass theft, but there’s a weird monopoly on things like glassware. it’s a pyramid scheme where there is one huge company that distributes it all in the UK. They sell it to independent catering supplies companies for 10% less than they sell it directly to bars and stuff.

So the independent catering firms sell it at about 4% profit in a race to the bottom, but it all gets delivered directly from the big company with the warehouse and the fulfillment etc.

Drop shipping or whatever. It all comes from the same warehouse no matter who the pub orders it from.

The main thing I’ve stolen from pubs over the years… books.
Been in plenty of pubs, both chain and little free houses, that have used usually old remaindered books they’ve bought by the yard as decor to fill shelves, give ambience etc. You’re not supposed to actually look at them but i can’t help myself and the older, odder and more obscure they are the more i want them. I’ve had this conversation many times over the years.

“Hi, is it possible to buy one of your books?”
“Sorry, buy… what?”
"The books, there’s a hardback I’ve found here from the 1930s which is a journal of this chaps walking tours of Scottish islands. It smells like mildew and old people and i want to buy it. "
“Erm… we don’t sell the books, they’re just, you know, they’re just there.”
"Well OK, could i just give you a quid for it? "
“I’ve got nothing on the till to ring it up as!”
“Well maybe if i just put a quid in your collection tin for charity then it would be OK? No one is going to miss it?”
"Look my manager will be in tomorrow can you come back and ask her? "

At which point i thank them for their time and walk out with the book in my pocket.


Quite common in Belgium, lots of places have shoe collections hung up behind the bar from where people clearly thought the glass was worth more. Presumably there’s a Belgian bar owner forum somewhere with a thread discussing their favourite shoes that they amassed over the years.